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Reflections on the mission of the lay members of Regnum Christi

Fr. Eduardo Robles-Gil, L.C., General Director of the Regnum Christi Movement announced the beginning of the 2nd phase of the revision process of the Statutes of Regnum Christi. He addressed a letter today to all Regnum Christi members, but particularly to the lay members who are an important part of this spiritual family, share in the charism of the Movement and benefit from it in their effort to live their baptismal commitment to sanctity themselves and to be apostles.

The process started last October when Fr. Robles-Gil invited the members to become acquainted with the Church’s teaching on the vocation and mission of the lay faithful, so they could participate responsibly in this second phase, which deals more directly with the life and mission of Regnum Christi and its service to the Church and to society at large.

«After the General Chapter of the Legionaries of Christ and the General Assemblies of the consecrated members, we now need to put the Statutes of Regnum Christi through a process of aggiornamento. Legionaries and consecrated members have had the chance to express their views regarding the Movement and its renewal. It is now the turn of the lay members, married or single, to express what they live as an expression of the charism of Regnum Christi, aspects which should be preserved and those which need improvement to guarantee the fidelity to the gift received from God and its living in an authentic way in this moment in history. With this input, the Movement will be able to draft its new statutes which will be presented for the Holy See’s approval», says Fr. Benjamin Clariond LC, spokesman for Regnum Christi.

Fr. Robles-Gil explains in his letter: “During this second phase we will address themes that have to do more directly with the identity, mission, and spirituality of the 1st and 2nd degree members. Additionally, in light of the experience of our own history and the personal history of each one of us, we will delve deeper into the statutes approved in 2004, and other documents of the Church and the Movement, as well as topics such as formation, membership, and the traditions and organization of Regnum Christi. For this reason a working document has been prepared, which consists principally in an outline of statutory numbers and some supplemental material that will be found on the website of the Commission for the Revision of the Statutes». The working documents are available in Spanish and will be posted in English shortly.

This whole process is a moment of personal and group discernment, similar to what is done in a synod, to listen to the Holy Spirit and renew our response to God’s plan. It should be lived as an experience of prayer, of trust and dialogue.

Fr. Robles-Gil has also sent a video-message to Regnum Christi members, explaining the motives for this process and what can be expected to come from it.