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Regnum Christi members support Diocese of Rome in encounter with Pope Francis

Thousands of consecrated women and men working in the diocese of Rome had a special encounter May 16, with Pope Francis in the Paul VI Audience Hall. The task of mounting a choir and orchestra to enliven the encounter was entrusted to Regnum Christi. Here we present the testimonies of several of the Legionaries of Christ and consecrated members who were more than happy to contribute their musical talents to such an ecclesial and festive event. Two consecrated members, Carlos Abad and Linh Do, also presented a testimony about their participation in Mission Youth.


Rome Encounter 2 It was a powerful experience of communion with consecrated men and women from all over the world. You could breathe that enthusiasm which can only come from the Holy Spirit, there gathered together in the Church around Christ’s Vicar. -Matthew Whalen LC (Canada)
It was a great joy to share a moment with the Church and see how the Holy Spirit is working all around the world! -Carlos Abad (Mexico)
It was a beautiful experience of RC and ecclesial communion. It was the real “RC-sound”, full of joy and energy! I felt blessed and privileged to be able to contribute to the joy of so many of my brothers and sisters. – Vincenz Heereman LC (Germany)
Rome Encounter 5It was a very special moment to share such a family-like environment with our Shepherd. I felt as if I were sitting in a living room, having a good conversation with him. -Camila Melo (Brazil)
We consecrated men and women are not just eschatological signs for the “world”; we are also eschatological signs for each other! The happiness and fidelity I sense in the brother or sister at my side is always an inspiration for me. I heard in our choir a voice composed of many voices of different strengths, tones, and languages, all rising in unison with Christ in offering to the Father. What a blessing to hear this testimony and be part of it! -Melicia Antonio (United States)


For me this encounter was an act of ecclesial communion and of faith. It was beautiful to see so many women and men who have given it all to follow Christ and participate in his saving mission. As we sang over and over, “Jesus the Lord is alive!” this impacted me in a particular way. –Mary Patt Pirie (United States)
Rome Encounter 6To be able to sing for a Pope (and an amazing Pope like Francis!), to able to play my guitar in such an iconic place as the Paul VI Audience Hall, and to able to offer a musical interpretation of modern Christian “American Gospel” music…it was a day of dreams come true! –Salvador Arrellano LC


It was exciting and inspiring to meet Pope Francis and be with thousands of consecrated men and women. He filled up my heart with renewed energy to spread the Gospel through the witness of my life. Thanks be to God who makes me his apostle, despite my weakness and limitations. Such experiences convince me that it’s worth it to surrender one’s whole life to serve Christ in our Church, which is more than ever in need of generosity and love from her beloved children. –Alberto García Gómez (Spain)