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Support vocations by supporting young men who are open to God’s call

Meet Sacred Heart Apostolic School

As He did in days of old, God still today calls some young men to consider the priesthood.  When that happens today, how do they find encouragement and support?  How can they let the voice of God resonate in their hearts and grow?  It can be done through the environment which Sacred Heart provides – a joyful environment of education and prayer which gives them the opportunity to respond to God’s invitation.

Sacred Heart Apostolic School is a rarity in the United States as it is a high school that is dedicated to the formation of young men discerning God’s call.  This campaign is designed to provide one full scholarship for one young man to attend Sacred Heart so he can prayerfully consider a priestly vocation within the Catholic Church.

A Gift To The Church

You know the importance of a well formed priest.  You have a desire to support vocations and see the number of priests grow within the Catholic Church.  Would you consider sponsoring a young man at Sacred Heart Apostolic School?

  • Currently there are 47 students at Sacred Heart pursuing their high school diploma while considering a call to the priesthood.
  • Each student studies English, Science, Math, History, Theology, Latin, Greek, and Spanish.
  • The students actively participate in sports and recreation activities as part of their daily routine.
  • Mission trips for the students to reach out to the poor and unchurched in both local and metropolitan areas are part of their formation.
  • As with most private education, the cost of education, room and board for each student goes beyond the tuition charged.
  • Several of the student’s families cannot afford the full cost of tuition and therefore rely on scholarships to meet the need.
  • Your donation ensures that young men are able to explore their potential call to the priesthood by providing needed scholarships.
  • Sacred Heart students appreciate even the smallest gesture and are thankful when others feel called to support their education, formation and potential call to the priesthood.

Your Gift’s Impact

Every priest is another Christ.  In a world that is hurting and filled with so many people needing spiritual guidance, the work of Sacred Heart is more important than ever.

  • This year, the Legion of Christ had ten young men make religious professions. Six of those ten were from Sacred Heart Apostolic School.
  • Those students who discern that the priesthood is not for them are better prepared to be strong, virtuous leaders of society due to their education and formation at Sacred Heart.

Let’s Not Risk It…

The work of Sacred Heart Apostolic School – to provide top quality high-school education and formation for young men considering a priestly call – is a rare gem indeed.   Without the environment provided by Sacred Heart, many young men may not be able to hear the soft, strong voice asking them to discern a call to the priesthood.

Let’s not risk that even one potential priest may not hear his call.  Please join us in supporting the work of Sacred Heart.

Other Ways You Can Help

You may not be able to contribute financially right now, but you can still help by….

  • Praying for success for the mission of Sacred Heart at the service of the Church and for its students and their families.
  • Sharing this post with others who may have a desire to support vocations and may want to donate.  Every donation counts!

Click here to contribute today!