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Meet the Renewal Delegates 15: Valerie Doran, Calgary Women

ValerieMy name is Valerie Doran, and I am a second degree third level member of Regnum Christi (along with my husband Brian). In 2001, we moved to the city of Edmonton with our two small children, as Brian was beginning university there to become a doctor. Shortly after we settled, our dear friend Eileen Wieck connected with us and shared Regnum Christi with us. Everything she spoke of resonated in our hearts and we were so excited to know more; we agreed to attend the upcoming Mass for Regnum Christi families.

I was so glad we went to this Mass! Afterwards, Fr Thomas Mahr, LC noticed my one-month-old daughter Christine, who had crossed eyes at the time. Fr Thomas squatted down near Christine, who was sitting in her car seat, and reverently said, “you are so beautiful,” and blessed her. My heart exploded with wonder and awe as I thought that was exactly what Jesus would have done! This sold me on the beauty of Regnum Christi and the Legionaries of Christ. It gave me a vision of what we are all meant to be in this world: to be another Christ! I also had longed to be challenged in my faith and have the support to mature as a wife, mother and apostle~ I knew I would receive this through Regnum Christi!

Brian and I incorporated 14 years ago at the Feast of Christ the King. The Movement gave us a place to grow in our faith through team life, spiritual guidance, conventions and the retreats offered. Our family, which has now grown to seven children, would never be the same without our Regnum Christi vocation! What grace! What amazing tools to help us to parent with wisdom and love! How beautiful to help other souls come to know Him too!

The apostolates I have served in have been Familia, various positions on AFIRE, team leader, spiritual guide, and founding director of Captivenia girls’ camp.

Through the trials, I have suffered, yes, however I never doubted my Regnum Christi vocation. One of the joys I have found through the suffering is freedom from self righteousness. Now, I see all is grace. I recognize and appreciate the many movements and orders in our Church as we allow God to work in and through us!

I am thrilled to see the Holy Spirit at work as I prepare as delegate and attend the territorial convention. I look forward to going deeper and discovering God’s will through the cross we have experienced! I love that we are being real and authentic. I truly believe that as a Movement, we will rise strong through the power of God’s love and humility.