Consecrated Men




The Consecrated Men of Regnum Christi


The consecrated lay man of Regnum Christi is a Catholic who gives his life entirely to God by living the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience in the Regnum Christi Movement. He is a man who seeks to grow daily in his walk towards holiness. He seeks to cooperate with God’s work to build the Kingdom, so that he reigns in the heart of all people and society.

He is a lay man who, through his testimony, seeks to evangelize the temporal realities of the world and align them according to God’s plan. He is a professional who tries to leave his mark in the world by making it a better place through his testimony of life, work and prayer. He is a member of the Regnum Christi Movement and as such looks forward to sharing its charism, spirituality and view towards the world. He strives to form apostles at the service of the new evangelization.

Different stages in our life

The consecrated lay men have three different stages in their life: two initial years of formation, temporal vows and perpetual vows.

Juan Pablo y Alfredo con Hector Bracho, Responsable Territorial, el P. Ricardo Sada LC, Director Territorial y Diego de Robina, Responsable del Centro de Formación


The two initial years of formation is a stage dedicated to better grasp what the consecration in Regnum Christi really signifies. It is a time to acquire habits that facilitate ones decision to follow Christ. It is a privileged moment dedicated to prayer, Eucharistic life, fraternal communion and the study of subjects related to our faith.

The second stage, temporal vows, is the period dedicated to a more profound discernment and vocational consolidation. It is also a moment to make a mature decision to advance towards perpetual vows. This period normally consists of two set temporal vows that last three years each. They usually coincide with the studies at a university and the first years of apostolic work.

Upon completing the temporal vows a consecrated man makes his perpetual vows which consist in a lifelong commitment to Christ and the Movement. Throughout the life of a consecrated man he dedicates himself to apostolic work in a full time way.


Community Life

A key element in our life is community life. Following the example of Jesus with his apostles and that of the first Christians, we try to make our communities a clear reflection of God’s love in our lives. In community life we learn to be disciples and missionaries. We receive the necessary motivation to love God and our brothers. In our mutual relations we try to reach a communion that develops from prayer and the practice of charity.


The Mission of a consecrated lay man is to share his Christian testimony by living in this world without belonging to it, and by giving himself exclusively to the love of Christ and his Kingdom. It is also a mission of evangelizing of our temporal realities, giving testimony to others about the real value they have before God. It is a mission to serve Regnum Christi, the Church and all humanity by living with charity and joy our own life together with the strength that derives from prayer and our self-giving to God.