Catechesis: Proclamation of the faith and spreading Catholic doctrine

The mission of the Consecrated Women is to participate in the mission of Christ, to announce the Good News of the Kingdom, to reconcile men and women with God.

Their apostolate

María Elena Miranda

Maria Elena Miranda has dedicated most of her life to forming others in the faith. Ever since she was a child in ECYD in Spain she had a strong desire for many people to experiene God’s personal love. This passion led her to consecrate herself in Regnum Christi in 1978, to study Religious Sciences with the University of Comillas and to work for more than 30 years as a religion teacher, catechist and formator in Italy, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. In her desire to evangelize more deeply, Maria Elena promotes the Alpha method, which is an excellent way to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share points of view. She also answers faith and catechetical questions on the website.

Sabine Laxague

Sabine Laxague, a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, was born in Argentina to a French family. She was consecrated in Rome, 20 years ago. She has worked in Switzerland and France, in Le Chatelard Academy, as well as serving in the diocese, through youth ministry and as a coordinator of catechesis and liturgy in parishes. She is currently working in Buenos Aires in the apostolate ‘The Gospel in the Heart’. This apostolate is a way of receiving and transmitting the Word of God, based on oral transmission proper to the Judeo-Christian culture. ‘The Gospel in the Heart’ proposes a return to the pedagogy instituted by Jesus and his apostles: to learn the Gospel by heart, from heart to heart, in small groups, to treasure it within the heart, to meditate on it and then be able to give it to those who need it.

We carry out this apostolate through activities and programs that proclaim the faith and offer formation to people who want to respond to the call of evangelization: “Go out to all the world and proclaim the Gospel to every nation” (Mk 16:15).

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María Elena Miranda




There, in intimacy with God, is where this desire to spread the faith is forged. 






Connection to others 

Sharing with other people who help see new ways and methods of transmitting the faith.





Personal study  

she studied the catechism in depth for several years and is currently studying the Bible with a Brazilian theologian professor.






Listening to what people have in their hearts, their fears, their prejudices and helping them to ask questions about the truth of their lives.





Answering questions  

Giving clear, objective, unvarnished answers. She is deeply moved when she sees how many knots in the relationship with God are untangled simply with a brief word or clarification.

Sabine Laxague



Small Groups  

Jesus and the Rabbis worked in small groups so that same methodology is applied.






Heart to heart

The one who teaches transmits the Word of God with their whole person… not merely transmitting content, but rather, giving the living Word within him or her






Transmission of the Gospel is offered as a gift; its alive, incarnated, made of words and gestures.





Uniting Word and gesture

What is transmitted first are the gestures, the rhythm and certain melody proper to the Word of God. Little by little, respecting the rhythm of each one, their age and way of learning, the person naturally associates the Word of God to the learned and internalized gesture.




To ponder in the hear  

This is the desire, like Mary, to treasure the Word of Jesus deeply in one’s heart, allowing it to become incarnate in oneself – in one’s gestures, one’s voice, and one’s heart.