Christian formation and education of children, adolescents and young people

Jesus Christ, being man, lived all the stages of human life: he was a child, an adolescent, a young person and an adult. We want to make him present as we evangelize all these stages, giving each of them the care and attention they require.

Their apostolate

Rachel Peach

Rachel Peach grew up in Hartville, Ohio. She is the oldest of 9 kids, and after discerning her vocation in high school, was consecrated in 2010. She made her final vows on September 8, 2016, and continued working in the area of youth ministry – working with ECYD and Regnum Christi High School groups and supporting Catholic schools and parishes across the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. In Summer 2020, she was transferred to Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently their ECYD girls director.

Sarah Jean Briemle

Sarah Jean Briemle is a German-American who has been consecrated since 2006 and lives in the Ratingen community in Germany. After 4 years of apostolic work in a school and in ECYD she started her work as a youth minister in 2013. In addition to her work in youth ministry she is serving as director of the ApostelHaus, a center for evangelization within the Regnum Christi charism, and in intercession and healing ministry.

Consecrated Women seek to evangelize children, adolescents and youth through works, institutions and actions that promote Christian education in the family, catechesis and religious education in schools.

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Rachel Peach



Forming youth leaders for ECYD  

Rachel coordinates a team of Consecrated Women, lay women and high schoolers to be equipped to run the ECYD clubs, and form the youth who participate.




Accompaniment of the team leaders 

High school mentors are essential to ECYD thriving. Rachel and her team accompanies them to be true role models and apostolate for the adolescents they serve through personal mentoring and leadership formation.




Keeps up-to-date and relevant  

Rachel promotes pastoral ministry that is relevant to the needs of youth today – finding creative ways to form and teach the young people about the value to their faith and how to live as authentic apostles in the world in this current cultural climate.




Retreats and camps 

Overnight events are golden opportunities of formation and commitment for young people involved in ECYD. These are exciting, interactive, deeply faith-filled and draw the young people into a deep relationship with Jesus that enthuses them to be His apostles.




Active apostolate  

ECYD is about forming active apostles who make a difference in their culture and environment. Rachel safeguards that there are quality apostolic opportunities to form the apostolic heart of all who participate in ECYD. This includes street and evangelization missions in coordination with Mission Youth.


Sarah Jean Briemle




Prayer is by no means everything, but without prayer one can do nothing. Praying for the people they serve and with them is the heart of the mission.





Create community 

To be Church is to be a community that bears fruit and not people who simply produce together. Experiencing and creating space for that is at the heart of their work.





Spiritual Formation  

Each person is enabled by baptism to live all the richness of the kingdom of God – in deep relationship with God, being transformed and sent by him while receiving his gifts and charisms to serve.




Personal accompaniment

Knowing that each person’s journey with the Lord is so personal they offer accompaniment for each one in different ways – being present, offering conversations, spiritual direction and intercessory prayer.




“Empowerment” for mission  

As Jesus Christ sent the 12 apostles, they help each young person move into their personal mission, and according to their charisms, empower them and give them space to grow into their call.