Promotion of marriage and the family

We support works, institutions, sections and actions that promote marriage and the family, as well as the Christian formation of adults.

Their apostolate

Amélie Perroy

Amélie Perroy, from France, has been consecrated for 30 years and resides in the community of Paris. After almost 20 years serving in Regnum Christi schools in various countries, Mexico, Venezuela, Switzerland and the Philippines, she is currently involved in the pastoral ministry of adults through “Dieu et Famille”, facilitating prayer groups and spiritual accompaniment in their vocation and journey with God.

Elvira Hernández

Elvira Hernández Nuño, a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi comes from a Mexican family of eight siblings, three of whom are consecrated. She has a degree in Education and Development from the Anahuac University and in Religious Sciences from the Ateneo Regina Apostolorum. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in Marriage and Family. During the last thirteen years, she has worked in family ministry in Mexico, Italy and, currently, Venezuela, as director of the womens’ section of Regnum Christi in Caracas.

Esther García

Esther Garcia, a Spaniard, has been consecrated for 43 years and lives in Madrid. She has been serving as a formator of Consecrated Women for more than 30 years and after finishing her degree in Marriage and Family at the John Paul II, she felt a desire in her heart to share what she had learned with others. Currently, she is part of the commission for the area of marriage and family in Spain and is launching an apostolate called Sponsus.

Together with the Church, we, as Consecrated Women, are aware that marriage and the family represent one of the most precious gifts of humanity. We offer formation and accompaniment for the evangelization of the family, such as retreats, seminars, courses and the opportunity to participate as a family in evangelization missions.

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Amélie Perroy



Marriage support  

Couples who have received the sacrament of marriage come together to support each other in their path of holiness. 






An annual retreats allow couples to deepen their understanding of themes related to married life. 






Personal or accompaniment as a couple is offered according to their preference. 





Monthly meetings 

Each month, a group of 5 to 8 married couples, accompanied by a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, meet to discuss the Word of God and a particular theme. 




Annual theme  

The annual themes include topics related to married life, from texts of the Magisterium and papal catechesis.


Elvira Hernández Nuño



To go out and meet young couples, within their specific culture and reality  

In Venezuela that “gateway” is through social events.




To know and to love

To know the whole family, entering into their reality and, from there, to love them and make them feel loved.






Responding to their needs: to walk together towards God through prayer, listening discernment and sacramental life.






To discover the beauty of the sacrament of marriage; a gift that they can draw treasures from to persevere and grow in their vocation and mission as spouses and parents.




Apostolic commitment  

To discover and carry out the apostolic mission that the Lord entrusts to them as a domestic church.


Esther García



Spousal spirituality  

To witness to a new life in the Spirit through the relationship of love between spouses that makes Christ present in daily life and conjugal prayer.





Marriage groups 

To create community to share married life with others in light of the Word of God and the Eucharist.





The spouses accompany each other, they are accompanied by other couples and also by consecrated men and women through their presence, prayer and action.





Centered on the power of the sacrament of marriage, we have formation for the program leaders and formation modules for all couples.






Marriage is a witness of God’s love that evangelizes naturally through attraction. The Sponsus seminars produces married couples who are apostles, attracting others to want to live the same experience.