Formation of women and consecrated persons

As Consecrated Women, we are called to live fully the feminine genius; that is why we seek to promote works and institutions that lead women and consecrated persons to discover the dignity they have received.

Their apostolate

Irene Alemany

During her 39 years of consecrated life, Irene Alemany, a Spaniard, has worked in youth ministry, in schools, as territorial director of the Consecrated Women in Mexico and in Colombia-Venezuela. She is currently director of the Medellin community. She is an advisor for the pastoral ministry of Regnum Christi schools in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, and offers counseling and spiritual direction to consecrated and religious women.

Marta Oseguera

Martha Oseguera has been consecrated for 32 years and has served in the different areas of education, marriage counseling, personal accompaniment, formation and accompaniment of youth. Currently, she serves women in the Mujeres Transendiendo apostolate , founded by her with the purpose of accompanying women at a group and personal level so they experience their feminine identity to the fullest.

Kathleen Nichols

In her 30 years as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, Kathleen Nichols, an American, has directed and served in Catholic schools in Spain, Argentina, the United States and Italy. She currently lives in the Holy Land on the Sea of Galilee, directs the Magdalena Institute, leads virtual pilgrimages, and organizes experiences for guests at the Magdala Hotel.

As Consecrated Women we strive to develop and express fully the “feminine genius” coined by Pope St John Paul II. We are called to live and deepen the dignity we have received as women, through our apostolates, promoting works and institutions that favor the promotion of women in different sectors of society. Be it for consecrated women or young women, mothers or wives, we provide courses, seminars, retreats, workshops, pilgrimages and other activities that support the formation and launching of women to transform their environment and make present the values of the Gospel.

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Irene Alemany




Helping religious women to live facing God and to experience their consecration more deeply according to what he asks of them in their concrete circumstances.






Listening to the Holy Spirit in order to be a channel of his grace in guiding others.





Church experience

 To experience that the Church is a large family where we love each other, complement each other and need each other.






To empower the woman within, and to rekindle the sense of her consecration. 

Martha Osegera



Theology of the Body

 Women encounter their femininity through the theology of the body. Women are encouraged and accompanied to discover, fall in love with and live their femininity joyfully. 





Personal accompaniment is offered in each module in relation to the theme of the module.





Women are accompanied in inner healing through a gentle, slow and very respectful way according to the rhythm of each one.





The retreats are experiential and are lived in a spirit of praise and worship, intimacy and immersion in the Holy Spirit.  





The women have a living experience of God’s love which draws them deeper into their own heart.  

Kathleen Nichols
Holy Land



Annual Women’s Encounter   

Kathleen organizes this seminar, determining content based on a relevant topic related to women’s dignity. She coordinates promotion and logistics to ensure that the encounter becomes a celebration of women, which enlightens the mind and moves the heart.  




Development of the Magdalena Institute 

Kathleen is working with a team to make the Institute a platform in promoting women´s dignity by coordinating with other institutions to provide seminars combined with pilgrimages, including one aimed at priests to experience formation and healing in dealing with women, as well as sponsoring International Expert Meetings.  


Virtual pilgrimages and media 

Kathleen has led over eight virtual pilgrimages around the Holy Land since 2020, bringing the sacred places to those who cannot come in person. You can find them at youtube Magdala English. She also has a series on Jewish Feasts and Christianity called Magdala Crossroads.



Magdala Experience for Guests  

Kathleen coordinates a team of volunteers who welcome guests at the Magdala Hotel. They provide cultural and spiritual experiences, including guided tours of the archeological site and chapels, sunrise reflections on the Sea of Galilee and countryside, and many others. 



Leading pilgrimages through the Holy Land   

Kathleen leads small and large groups on pilgrimage through the Holy Land. These include themed pilgrimages like Healing & Hope, Biblical Women, and prayer-based tours that provide the space, time, and silence needed to encounter God.