Vocational Ministry

We want to promote the beauty of all vocations, helping to create an environment that fosters the understanding of life as a vocation and making it easier to discover and embrace ones call.

Their apostolate

Jacquie Lustig

Jacquie Lustig has been a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi since 2009 and is from a cattle ranch in Idaho. She served in ECYD in Ohio for 9 years and is currently living in Atlanta working in ECYD and as the Assistant Vocations Director for the North American territory. She is passionate about unlocking the charism in the hearts of young people and has loved every minute of her years working with ECYD girls and young women, helping them discover their mission in life.

For more discernment resources in English, check out: https://sites.google.com/view/crcdiscernment/home?authuser=0

Mally López

En sus 15 años como Consagrada del Regnum Christi, Mally López ha trabajado en la pastoral de adolescentes (ECYD), en colegios, como formadora del candidatado de las consagradas y en la secretaría territorial de la federación del territorio del Norte de México. Actualmente es directora de la comunidad de Aguascalientes, encargada territorial de pastoral vocacional del territorio del Norte de México y trabaja en la pastoral juvenil de Aguascalientes.

This field of apostolate offers tools, accompaniment, activities and environments where it is possible to discover and mature one’s vocation within Regnum Christi, as well as one’s personal vocation as a Christian.

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Jacquie Lustig



Helping young women learn how to pray  

Prayer allows one to grow in relationship with Jesus who ultimately calls to whatever vocation will most glorify him.




Accompanying young women in discernment 

Any young woman wanting to discern with the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi has a personal conversation with Jacquie where they determine next steps for her particular journey of discernment.



Organizing events to explain our life and vocation to young women  

Jacquie attends vocation fairs in different parts of the country and helps organize retreats and ‘Come and Sees’ which give young women a chance to experience our life from within.


Creating online resources for young women to discern

The ‘Hearing His Heartbeats’, online discernment retreats and an upcoming Lenten discernment challenge are all ways Jacquie reaches young women where they are online to encounter and support them in their discernment journey.



Supporting the Consecrated Women in the other parts of the country who accompany young women  

Jacquie helps activate and equip them through formation, accompaniment and resources.


Mally López



Vocational accompaniment  

To personally accompany young women in their process of growth and maturity in following Jesus, helping them to recognize God’s plan in their lives and to live in accordance with it.




Communion with the Church 

Vocation ministry is born from the mystery of the Church and is at its service. This entails coordination with the diocesan pastoral ministry and other institutes of consecrated life.




Communion with the other branches within RC  

Working together with the vocation ministry of the Lay Consecrated Men and the Legionaries of Christ. The hope is that every young person reaches their vocational fulfillment and that those who feel called to consecrated life or priesthood find tools and accompaniment to respond to the call.



Listening to the Holy Spiritl  

Listening to the Holy Spirit is to live deeply united to the vine. The vocation of each one is sacred, therefore the attitude of listening is a necessary grace to serve in this apostolate.



Vocation promotion 

Vocation ministry is meant to help young people become aware of their Christian vocation to holiness and apostolate, and to open themselves to discover God’s personal plan for them, through accompaniment and formation.