Social Justice

The Consecrated Women seek to make present the face of Christ in the daily lives of people through their apostolic availability to form and accompany apostles who want to collaborate in helping those most in need, while affirming the dignity and rights of each person.

Their apostolate

Laura Garza

Laura Garza is from Monterrey, Mexico and was consecrated in 2001. She has worked apostolically with youth in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and currently in Chile. She is the director of the youth section in La Dehesa, Santiago de Chile, where she accompanies young people in the final years of Everest College. She also coordinates the youth section involving university and professional young women and launches them to be apostles. She works with the Mission Central apostolate that promotes social justice and rebuilding homes and lives of the impoverished.

Michelle Gow

Michelle Gow is from the United States and was consecrated 26 years ago. She has worked in Regnum Christi schools since 1998. She currently collaborates in the Integral Formation team of Mano Amiga supporting the coordinators and teachers of Catholic formation in the 21 schools in Mexico and Guatemala. Mano Amiga serves the underprivileged population to form students and families who can transform society.

Patricia Sánchez y Fabiola Marton

When war broke out in Ukraine in April 2022, Regnum Christi in Spain wanted to help those affected through its social work, the Altius Foundation, and organized the Dopomoyich campaign (which means “help” in Ukrainian). In addition to sending emergency aid in the beginning, it facilitated the relocation of Ukrainians fleeing the conflict and seeking refuge in Spain. Together with other partners and supporters, Altius provided transportation, and later also legal advice, Spanish classes, medical and psychological care and shelter for 44 Ukrainians.

Patricia Sanchez Castro and Fabilo Marton supported this work as Consecrated Women, in the midst of full-time study in Madrid. Patricia Sanchez Castro is originally from Cancun Mexico and was consecrated in Monterrey in 2012. She serves in the parish of Our Lady of Silence in the pastoral care of the deaf. Fabiola Marton is from Kempten i. Allgäu, Germany and has Hungarian family roots. She was consecrated in 2008.

In this field of apostolate, the Consecrated Women collaborate in the formation and accompaniment of the most needy and disadvantaged people. We seek to promote the dignity of all individuals, with the goal of achieving a more equitable society. We offer educational programs and projects, we support communities through stable missions to improve the quality of life of the local people, safeguarding their human rights.

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Laura Garza




In the direction of the project and in the participation in the activities.







Of the leaders at the service of the project.







To form relationships between the volunteers and the community being served.





Consistency and professionalism 

To bring more people into this apostolate.







Be clear that material help is never sufficient in itself and find ways to evangelize through the apostolate itself.


Michelle Gow



Integral Formation  

Integral formation takes into account the different areas of human life. It includes intellectual, human, social and apostolic formation. Each encounter with a student is a formative opportunity.





Transforming lives 

Mano Amiga students strive to use every opportunity provided to them. Transforming lives is a mission and a reality within the school.






Love of neighbor characterizes all who share Mano Amiga’s mission. This translates into a commitment to each student and parent in their needs, encountering them in the daily life of the school and in the educational activities offered.




Humility and service 

The Consecrated Women seek to foster a true family spirit and communion in the mission that has been entrusted to them. Mano Amiga considers itself not only a network of schools but also as a family that collaborates in the growth of its students.




Honesty and consistency  

A person who receives a Mano Amiga education is invited to become a seeker of truth throughout his or her life. The Consecrated Women are there to guide and accompany each one in their personal quest, learning and also enriching their lives through their personal witness.


Patricia Sánchez y Fabiola Marton
Mexico | Alemania




Everyone contributes in a significant way and if any one were missing, it would not be the same.




Accompaniment and a spirit of service 

People are available from accompanying someone, playing or doing activities with them, managing medical appointments and paperwork at the embassy and town hall.





Strength to face unforeseen or unfamiliar and difficult situations  

On the part of the Ukrainians it required a lot of strength to leave their homes and face this new beginning. For the volunteers, they have to be able to work tirelessly and problem solve on the spot.





Many things came up unexpectedly and had to be solves immediately and with the limited resources available.




Welcoming and friendship  

its important to face situations with an optimistic spirit. Many good friendships developed, despite the language barrier.