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CRC New Mission Assignments 2019

July 1, 2019– The new mission assignments for the North American territory for the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi have been released.  Many of the assignments take effect on July 1, 2019. However, some changes are still being finalized.

Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

To view the complete list of new mission assignments for the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi in the North American Territory please click here.

Changes within the North American Territory

Brackett, Maria SusanCommunity Director, Auxiliary team RC Women's section (renewal)Domus Mariae Atlanta
Hawkesworth, Lauren ClaireAuxiliary team of the territorial director - FundraisingTerritorial Directorate Community
Lustig, Jacqueline JaniceECYD DirectorDomus Mariae Cincinnati
Murphy, Kathleen FitzgeraldCommunity DirectorDomus Mariae Chicago
Pregel, LorliPart-time ECYD auxiliary team (Additional assignment)Domus Mariae Cincinnati
Reiff, MichelleTerritorial SecretaryTerritorial Directorate Community
Reinagel, MariaDirector of Office of Consecrated Life, professor at Mount St. Mary's SeminaryDomus Mariae Cincinnati
Seubert, HeidiYoung adults - auxiliary team, Pastoral team at Royalmont AcademyDomus Mariae Cincinnati
Umali, ClaireECYD directorDomus Mariae Manila
Villaseñor, CristyECYD Auxiliary teamDomus Mariae Houston
Wheeler, AllyCommunity Director, ECYD auxiliary teamDomus Mariae Cincinnati
Zapata, AleFormation Director - Everest Girls International ProgramDomus Mariae Oxford

Coming to the North American Territory

Álvarez, AdrianaECYD auxiliary teamDomus Mariae Atlanta
Antonio, MeliciaDoctoral studies at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IndianaDomus Mariae Chicago
Doyle, ReginaAdult pastoral work auxiliary (part-time)Domus Mariae Oxford
García, BereniceDirector of Overbrook AcademyDomus Mariae Greenville
Herboth, SairaECYD auxiliary teamDomus Mariae Cincinnati
Kuhn, MelissaAuxiliary team for territorial secretaryTerritorial Directorate Community

Leaving the North American Territory

Chevrier, Véronique Marie PascaleTheology studies at Regina ApostolorumDomus Mariae Balzo
Nichols, Kathleen SusanDirector of Magadala Spirituality CenterDomus Mariae Jerusalem
Orejas Verano, Rosa MiriamAuxiliary Team - Magdala Duc in Altum Spirituality CenterDomus Mariae Jerusalem
Pomarico, ReneeGeneral Communications Director (begins January 15, 2020)See of the General Director
Restrepo Soto, PaulaFormation Instructor - Colegio Highlands, Auxiliary for pastoral work with adolescentsDomus Mariae Seville

Renewal of Assignments in the North American Territory
(all for three years unless otherwise noted)

Alexander, Charlene AnnAuxiliary team - Pastoral work with adults
Amezcua Escudero, Karla PatriciaFormation Director - Overbrook Academy (one year)
Corona Téllez, María AlejandraDoctoral studies at the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
Floro Cabal, CatherineFormation Instructor - Everest Manila
Funke, Denise EileenCommunity Director (two years)
Guerra Fernández, GudeliaSection Director - RC young women
Hilbun , Angela HartPastoral work with young adults
Honner, Lucy St. JohnDirector - RC Spirituality Center
Hoover, Amelia ClaireDirector of ECYD territorial team, ECYD auxiliary team in Cincinnati
Knuth , Maria JeanDirector of ECYD territorial team, ECYD auxiliary team in Cincinnati
Nuxoll, Yvonne MarieRC Local Director - Ohio Valley, pastoral work with adults
Orozco Garza, Elena MaríaRC Education
Peach, Rachel MargaretPastoral work with adolescents (one year)
Preisack , Jill MarieAuxiliary team - RC Women's section
Rivera Bueno, Beatriz EugeniaCommunity Director, RC Local Director, RC Women's section director (One year renewals)
Roman, Emily ElizabethFormation Instructor - Pinecrest Academy
Santos Lardé, Natalia BeatrízECYD Director
Schwarz, Mary FrancescaPastoral work with young adults (two years)
Streckfuss, Rosemary AnneFormation Director - Mano Amiga
Tuttle, Katherine JeanPastoral work with young adults