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Jesus, You Are My Inspiration- California’s Challenge Camp Inspires

Article Originally Posted on Challenge Catholic Youth Ministry Website and written by Nadine McMillan.

In the San Francisco Valley in Campbell, CA the first annual Challenge Day Camp was held from June 8 -12th, 2015 at Canyon Heights Academy. The Conquest camp happened simultaneously. The Challenge Camp theme was INSPIRE – letting God inspire us so we can inspire others. 25 girls participated in the camp which was led by a dedicated staff of 7 teen leaders, 2 college students, moms and Lisa Lively, a consecrated woman.

CA-Camp-1-300x225Every day the girls had mass, prayers and a gospel reflection to help them find their inspiration in Christ. The girls had daily conferences an sessions on how to be an inspiration to others. The camp could not have been complete without all the dynamic sports, water games messy Olympics and other tea activities. Following the Challenge Camp Inspire Guide, the leaders made the hot air balloon mural to keep track of team competitions and enthusiasm throughout the camp. For many of the girls adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was the highlight of the camp.

Lisa Lively explained how they made this time of adoration a memorable experience. “During Adoration we put up a big poster that said ‘Jesus, you are my inspiration’ The girls went up during that time and wrote letters to Jesus n the poster. It was beautiful. It shows how well the message sank in! One girl wrote a message that summarizes all that was learned at camp, “ Dear Jesus, Thank you for creating this world for me. Thank you for being my inspiration and listening to my prayers. Help me to see you with the eyes of faith and to help me trust. Help me to love you more like you love me. Having you as my best friend is such a blessing. Thank you for giving me parents that let me be baptized. To receive you in the Eucharist is amazing. Please help me to be faithful and loving. Help me to find the key to open my heart and to let you come into my soul. Thank you for being my savior and opening the gates of heaven. Thank you for dying on the cross and suffering just for me.”