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Meet the delegates #6 Joanna Rawicki – Houston Women

Joanna Rawicki

My name is Jo Anna Rawicki and I am honored to be a delegate representing the fervent RC members of the Houston Locality. I am very blessed to be the wife of fellow Renewal delegate Andrew, who is the most wonderful man I know. We have six children, one a teenager and the others are young adults, three of whom are married. One of our sons is Br. Luke, LC, in his first year of internship in Washington, D.C.

I can very clearly see how Christ touched the lives of every member of my family through the gift of Regnum Christi, at various stages of needs and ages. I firmly believe that we all have the joy and strength of faith because Christ reached us through RC apostolates, RC friends, the LCs and the Consecrated Women, with whom we were blessed to encounter as we moved across the country and overseas. I incorporated in the richly Catholic area of the Northshore of New Orleans, where I witnessed a depth of faith in action and purpose.

I found what I had been looking for in zealous RC members and in an abundance of apostolates, such as, Parenting with Christ, Familia, K4J, Challenge, ConQuest, as well as through RC Retreats and Conferences, … and on and on!

We were then transferred to California where the landscape was quite different. We went from such bounty to a small, but strong and faith-filled Catholic environment. Seeing the contrast gave me an even deeper appreciation of RC. In that largely secular environment, I saw how RC reached people “where they were” in creative outreach to those of little interest in faith and even no faith, bringing the love of Christ to people who hadn’t before realized their need for Him. The conversions, which Christ accomplished through dedicated Legionaries, Consecrated Women and RC members, were beautiful to behold. (RC also provided for the committed Catholics there with apostolates which reached my growing children, e.g., Holy Week Missions, and the offer of the Leadership Semester in Rome, which provided huge fruits.) It was while living in California that our founder’s abominations were revealed, and the Movement was hit hard.

I personally never thought of leaving Regnum Christi because it was so obviously a gift from Christ Himself to my family, and to so many that I knew, but I was ready to follow our Church’s decision. It was with gratitude that we heard of our Church’s request for this renewal process and then to be asked to be part of it. It is also such a pleasure to be a part of the Houston locality, with its holy and dynamic RC/LC Community. I am humbled to be one of the delegates representing them.

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire us all!