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Meet the Newest Members of the North American Territorial Directive College: Helen Yalbir

“In September of 2006 I gave my full ‘yes’ to Jesus to follow him, and since then, I have been the recipient of his promise of an abundant life.” On July 1st of this year, Helen Yalbir joins the North American Territorial Directive College for a three-year term.

Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Helen was first introduced to Regnum Christi while she was a university student, through her eldest brother and his wife, who had recently associated into Regnum Christi. During Spiritual Exercises hosted by the local RC section, Helen received spiritual direction from a lay Regnum Christi member – this transformational encounter led Helen to give a year of her life as a Regnum Christi Missionary, serving in Calgary, Alberta. It was during this year of missionary service that Helen first heard the call to consecrated life, and in experiencing the beauty of the Regnum Christi charism lived out in the members and their apostolates, God’s voice was amplified in Helen’s heart, prompting her to discern consecrated life.

After receiving her BA in English Literature at the University of Saskatchewan, and completing a year as a missionary in Calgary, Helen gave her “full yes” to Jesus, and was consecrated to Christ within Regnum Christi in Rhode Island in September of 2006. She went on to obtain a BA in Religious and Pastoral Studies, Magna Cum Laude, at Mater Ecclesiae College in Rhode Island, and spent eight years serving in Washington, DC, accompanying and forming young women and families. She recently received her certification in Catholic Youth Ministry through Franciscan University, and this year, completed the Divine Mercy University Spiritual Direction Certificate Course. Helen is currently serving young adults in Dallas, Texas, as the Young Women’s Section Director, and supports the national work of Regnum Christi with young adults.

To Helen, being a member of Regnum Christi means being part of a family. Growing up, she always loved being part of a large family (she has four siblings), so being a member of the international spiritual family of Regnum Christi, united in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, has been a blessing and her greatest joy.  “I love knowing that I have RC family all over the world, and I am edified by the impact that I see from all the creative apostolic initiatives of RC members around the world,” shares Helen. “It is truly a gift to watch the charism alive and vibrant when we work together as a family to serve the Church and the world!”

For Helen, living out the Regnum Christi charism as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi means living a life at the feet of Jesus, receiving the treasures of his Sacred Heart and sharing them daily, both with her community in Dallas and with the souls entrusted to her. In her apostolic work with the Regnum Christi young adults in Dallas, Helen has the privilege of sharing the RC life and mission with a community of young adult apostles who are on fire for bringing others to experience the vibrant Regnum Christi charism. “To walk with a young person as the charism comes alive in their heart is a wonderful thing!” Throughout her work, Helen has had the opportunity to watch the charism of Regnum Christi inspire apostles who creatively respond to the needs of the world around them, whether it be through small groups, retreats, missions, or even a Regnum Christi soccer team! Helen has also recently started a podcast for young adult Catholics with two other RC members, Fernando Saucedo and Katrina Rebholz, called Thriving Together, which dives into topics like prayer, community, discernment, and the lives of the saints, as well as explores the occurrences and concerns of daily life through a Catholic lens.

In February of this year, Helen was appointed to be a member of the Territorial Council for the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi in the North American Territory, beginning a three-year term on June 1st.  And now, Helen begins another new role as a member of the North American Territorial Directive College, the governing body for the Regnum Christi Federation in the North American Territory. “What I am most looking forward to in this new role is getting to mission together with Jesus in his work to establish his kingdom. I love to see the Lord at work!” says Helen. “Although I can feel like a little fish in a big pond, I have the assurance that this is Christ’s work, that I am invited to experience. His grace will be sufficient for me to carry out this new responsibility.” Helen is eager to work with and learn from the other members of the Territorial Directive College, whom she has admired and been inspired by for many years.

To find out more about Regnum Christi Dallas, and the RC family there, visit You can find the Thriving Together Podcast on a variety of platforms, including YouTube and  Spotify.


The Territorial Directive College is the governing body for the Regnum Christi Federation in the territory, and is responsible for implementing the directives and indications given by the General Directive College, ensuring that everyone, especially the Regnum Christi local directors, fulfill their responsibilities according to the statutes; furthering the consolidation, projection, and development of the apostolic activity of Regnum Christi; fostering territorial formation initiatives, especially for formators; promoting pastoral work for vocations; supervising the administration of the Federation; promoting a healthy economy based on solidarity; and fostering vertical and horizontal communication in the territory.