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Join Kathleen Nichols from the Holy Land as she guides a reflection on prayer from Jerusalem

Join Kathleen Nichols from the Holy Land as she guides a reflection on prayer from Jerusalem


Today, Magdala announced the release of its Lenten Virtual Pilgrimage of Prayer Through Jerusalem. The ongoing conflict in the Holy Land continues to prevent pilgrims from visiting Jerusalem this Lent. Uneasy local Christians still don’t travel far from home, forgoing visits to pray at the Holy Sepulcher or the Mount of Olives. The holy sites in Jerusalem remain mostly empty.


Kathleen Nichols, Director of Magdala Media’s English team, explained that the Pilgrimage of Prayer will allow people from all over the world to visit Jerusalem virtually this Lent. “Jerusalem resonates in hearts around the world. It is recognized as one of the holiest cities in the world. In Jerusalem, every stone, mountaintop, and olive tree has a story to tell!”


The daily 20-minute program will take virtual pilgrims to well-known holy sites, including Calvary, Jesus’ tomb, Mount Zion, Gethsemane, the Western Wall, and the Way of the Cross. Kathleen offers a reflection on Christian prayer from these and many other hidden monasteries and Churches in the Old City that most visitors have never seen.


“Prayer in Jerusalem can powerfully turn our hearts back to the Lord, and this is the purpose of Lent. It was witness to the main events of Salvation History, chosen by God as his dwelling place, and the site of Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection,” says pilgrim leader Nichols.


“Shofars, bells, and muezzin sound out daily reminders of God’s presence, and what most lifts our hearts to the Lord are the voices of Jerusalem’s Christian communities at prayer,” says Nichols. From the city where Jesus taught the Our Father, virtual pilgrims will join local Christians praying it in Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, and even Ethiopian Ge’ez, the languages of Christian Jerusalem.


The staff at Magdala feel blessed to help bring the Holy Land to people’s homes and hearts this Lent.


The Virtual Pilgrimage of Prayer through Jerusalem, starts on Monday, February 12th with an introductory talk in preparation for Ash Wednesday.


You can find out more information and sign up here at and follow along on Magdala’s website, Instagram account, and YouTube account.