Heidi Marie Seubert


Heidi was born on November 1, 1969, in Cottonwood, Idaho. She was consecrated on September 15, 1993, in Rhode Island. Over the course of her 28 years of consecrated life, she spent the first years in pastoral ministry in different parts of the country. Then, she served as principal at Immaculate Conception Academy in Wakefield, Rhode Island, and later as formation director at both Everest Academy in Detroit and Everest Academy Lemont near Chicago. Most recently, Heidi was director of the community of Consecrated Women in Cincinnati and young adult section director.

We pray for the repose of Heidi´s soul and for her family at this time.

Funeral information can be found here.

“Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her”.

Here you can express your condolences, memories of Heidi, or leave a message for her family.

Heidi Marie Seubert


Heidi nació el 1 de noviembre de 1969, en Cottonwood, Idaho. Se consagró el 15 de septiembre de 1993 en Rhode Island, EUA. De sus 28 años de vida consagrada, pasó sus primeros cinco años en la pastoral juvenil en diferentes ciudades de Estados Unidos. Fue subdirectora del Colegio Immaculate Conception Academy en Wakefield, Rhode Island; sirvió como directora de formación en Everest Academy en Detroit Michigan y en la Academy Everest en Lemont, cerca de Chicago. Actualmente Heidi fungía como directora de sección de jóvenes en Cincinnati, Ohio y como directora de la comunidad de consagradas.

Pedimos por el eterno descanso de Heidi y por su familia.

“Dale Señor el descanso eterno, y brille para ella la luz perpetua”

Si lo desea, puede dejar aquí un mensaje a la familia, expresar sus condolencias o compartir algún recuerdo de Heidi.

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Celine Kelly
1 year ago

May Heidi rest eternally in the Merciful Heart of Jesus.
We thank you, Lord, for her life of love & dedication.
May Our Lady console her family, community & friends.

Alessandra Soldati
1 year ago

I send my poor prayers from the Holy Land, from where the Lord Jesus gives us new life with his resurrection. I pray the risen Lord to reiceve Heidi in his arms and to give peace to her family and to all my consecrated sisters in Regnum Christi in Cincinnati and in the world.

1 year ago

Que descanse en Paz nuestra hermana. Y que goce del abrazo de su Señor. Todas nuestras oraciones por Heidi, su familia, su comunidad.

Zamudio José Alfredo
1 year ago

God has she in his Glory

1 year ago

Que Dios la tenga en su Gloria. Mucha fuerza para su familia en estos momentos tan duros.

Fr. Richard Tardiff LC
1 year ago

Thank you Heidi for your fruitful dedication to Christ and to the Church. May God grant you his peace.

Maleny Medina
1 year ago

Con toda gratitud por su vida y cariño con todos

Laura Matthews
1 year ago

Heidi was a gift to all who knew her…a ray of sunshine who was constantly serving, giving, and caring for others with a such great joy. A true sister! My prayers for her family and her community and all of us who were touched by her life.

Patricia Klein
1 year ago

Dear Heidi, hardly anybody could say no to you: you got us monthly Starbuck’s coffee beans for free, you stood in line at Home Depot to pick up paint for free and the worker behind you offered spontaneously to help fix our old convent rooms for free when you told him you were a missionary,… and these examples are just a taste of how God loved you and us through you. I saw the fruits of your desire to serve, to make things more beautiful and homey, I smiled with you at your capacity to work several projects at the same time and when you tried out things that you changed a little time later. You really cared. You did not always see the beauty that we saw in you. You loved consecrated life and you loved people. You knew how to be a friend, a sister and a spiritual companion on the road for many. You were not perfect just like the majority of us-Thank God! – and you were so much in love with Jesus. Your love for Jesus edified me and helped me in my own life. Thank you, Heidi! I am grateful that I lived with you for some time. I am very sad you left but hopeful to find you again. I will do my best.
Rest in the arms of Jesus, Heidi! With all my love!

Luz Elena Mijares
1 year ago

Doy gracias a Dios por el don de la vida y consagración de nuestra querida hermana Haidi, que tanto bien hizo. Me uno con mis oraciones a mis hermanas consagradas de Cinsinati, a sus papás y familiares para Jesús les llene de fortaleza, un abrazo fuerte para todos y mis oraciones.

Beatriz Enzastiga
1 year ago

Que en paz descanse. Rogamos a Dios que abra las puertas de su casa para recibir a su alma.

Pedimos a Señor que dé fortaleza y consuelo a sus familiares, amigos y hermanos en Cristo.

1 year ago

Mi más sentido pésame 🙏🏻 Dale Señor el descanso eterno !!! Y luzca para ella la luz perpetúan 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Mexico . Querétaro

Guadalupe Vicencio
1 year ago

Rest In Peace Heidi

Pilar Ospina
1 year ago

Qué el Señor la reciba en su gozo y en su paz y derrame consuelo en todos los que nos afligimos con tu partida, en especial en su familia y comunidad de Cincinnati.

Evangeline Mandeville
1 year ago

May Heidi enjoy her home with the Lord. I met her in Rhode Island when I was a girl attending the Ancora Conventions. She has always been such a spiritual role model for me. Best wishes to her family, friends, and anyone mourning her loss.
Love you, Heidi!

Cassie Nicholson
1 year ago

Dear Consecrated Women, praying for you all very much with this loss of a truly kind and loving woman. I have so many fond memories of Heidi.

Karla Avalos
1 year ago

Descanse en paz. Mis oraciones por ella y su familia.

Fr. Eric Nielsen LC
1 year ago

Sending my prayers for the repose of the soul of Heidi, and for all of those affected by her loss. Requiescat in Pace.

Patricia Cantu
1 year ago

Heidi! A beautiful soul and a joyful one! Great sister and kind friend. She will be dearly missed. Praying for all of my sisters in the US and for her family.

Gregory Usselmann LC
1 year ago

Grateful to our Lord for having had the privilege of knowing such a kind soul.

Rebeca Barba
1 year ago

I thank God for the life of Heidi. She always had a smile in her face and was attentive to others needs. It seemed to me that everything was so simple and easy for her because her life was truly surrendered to the Lord. I know that God, who is MERCY, is the only one who knew all the beauty she carried inside… Even though we are going to miss her, I am happy to know that she has finally arrived to her spousal embrace forever. May the Lord grant her peace and consolation to all her family.

Martha Haenni
1 year ago

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

Mother, Mary, keep her and her family wrapped in your loving mantle.

Esther García
1 year ago

Me uno al dolor de su familia y de todas las consagradas, especialmente de su comunidad. Siempre recordaré su sonrisa, sufirmeza en el seguimiento de Cristo.

Luz Elena Mijares
1 year ago

Doy gracias a Dios por la vida y consagración de mi querida hermana Haidi, que tanto bien hizo. Me uno con mis oraciones a su familia, a mis hermanas consagradas de Cincinnati para que Jesús les abracé y fortalezca en estos momentos .🙏🙏

Clarisse Descleves
1 year ago

Heidi, que descanses en paz, que Dios de su consuelo a toda las que vivieron cerca de ti, tantas personas que tocaste a traves de tu vida y de tu vocación. Que Dios de fortaleza a tu familia y fe.

Deb Bauer
1 year ago

What an incredible woman who sought to serve and give herself unceasingly. Heidi you will be deeply missed. May you now know the inestimable value of your presence in the lives of others. Your attention, care, love, and your unique way of going the extra mile for those around you. There was so much beauty in who your very being- timeless, deep, supernatural. May you feel the Father’s love for you, and may we step back and renew our faith in how knowing He continually walks with us and loves us. “Christ, who walks before me,
shares my every burden,
will help rescue me in every crisis,
knows my every hope,
knows everything I suffer,
will always lease me to safety.”(Watson, W)

Eternal rest grant onto thee dear sister.

Fr.Gerard Heaslip L.C.
1 year ago

The birth of Jesus at Christmas sheds light on suffering and death. He was born so we might have Eternal Life. Grant Lord that Heidi may participate fully of the joy of everlasting bliss. We also pray for her family. 

Marisa Ortiz de SC
1 year ago

I am very sorry for the human loss of Heidi’s presence but I am sure that her Loving soul added to this world the Work of the Holy Spirit through her life !! Blessed Heidi lives now in total happiness and Eternal Love! My prayers for her community and for her Family and friends .

Fr. Steven Reilly, LC
1 year ago

I send my condolences to all the consecrated women for the great sorrow you are experiencing for the loss of your sister, Heidi. She, and all of you, will be in my prayers.

Sharon Antonio
1 year ago

Heidi and our family goes way back. She was the kindness and most dear person. We will all miss her terribly. The last time we all got to see you was at our son’s ordination just a few months ago. How I wish I had more time with you. You will always be in my heart. My deepest condolences to all the Lay Consecrated, your family, and the countless lives you touched.

Denise Seeger
1 year ago

A sister, friend and true mother to all of us. The Seeger family will dearly miss Heidi, and keep all in our prayers.

Fr Ignacio Bello, LC
1 year ago

Dear Heidi, you will be in prayers, specially in today’s mass.

Thank you so much for you “yes!” To our Lord. He will be your peace and consolation forever.

Heidi Seubert.

Martin solis
1 year ago

Recibiremos sus oraciones de intercesión a ahora desde el cielo. Allá le veremos nuevamente cuando El lo disponga.

Jeanne McMahon
1 year ago

We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. We will keep Heidi’s family and all of the Consecrated in our prayers. Thank you, Heidi’s family, for giving her to us! I loved Heidi so much! She was so instrumental in the Faith and formation of our daughters out at the PC in Rhode Island. When they talk about their time there, she is always mentioned as one who they love and who taught them a lot. She was always so full of joy! I always remember her telling me that if I didn’t know the words to a song to just mouth the word “watermelon”. I think of that every time I don’t know the words and it always brings a smile when I think of her joyful spirit! I can just hear Jesus saying, “Well done, My good and faithful servant, enter into the joy prepared for you for all of eternity!!”

Loredai Garcia
1 year ago

Dios se llevó una de sus mejores rosas, para adornar el jardín del cielo.
Mis condolencias para su familia y para sus compañeras consagradas y familia espiritual.
Dios los fortalezca y de paz a sus corazones.
Un abrazo desde Bogotá Colombia

Andrew and JoAnna Rawicki
1 year ago

May the Lord’s smile shine today upon his good and faithful servant Heidi today…and provide peace and consolation for her grieving natural and spiritual families.

Jen Kellar
1 year ago

I am so very sorry for your loss of Heidi, a light in this world. May she rest in Christ forever. Amen. Alleluia!

Mirta Garcia
1 year ago

Lord, I thank you for the life of Heidi, who gave us an example of how to love and serve you above all things. May you open wide the doors of your kingdom To receive her soul. May our Blessed Mother console her entire family and community.
Heidi Marie Seubert, rest in peace. ✨🕊

Tammy Grady
1 year ago

Such a beautiful soul and dearest of friends. Heidi brought joy , sunshine and a welcoming spirit wherever she went. One of the most down to earth and personable person I ever met . I love you Heidi !

Silvia Vergara Cerrud
1 year ago

Resignacion Cristiana, bendicion!

Monica Martha Carrillo
1 year ago

My condolences to the family and our regnum christi community. God give you comfort and peace.

Maria Eugenia
1 year ago

May she Rest In Peace. Such wonderful young ladies giving so much, helping others, getting our souls know and love God

Carol Dillenburg (Dodd)
1 year ago

Sending prayers for the Seubert family, all the consecrated women, especially the Cincinnati community, and all who knew Heidi. My years at ICA were a very special time in my journey, and I am grateful to Heidi for being part of them, always with such joy and kindness. I am sure she is with Jesus.

Fr Edward Hopkins LC
1 year ago

Dear Heidi, you will be deeply missed. Thank you for your generous gift of generous consecrated life! I have known you since you consecrated. I am sure that you inspired many. Every reflection, poem or prayer you posted was equally inspiring. I will offer my next Masses for you, for your dear consecrated sisters during this difficult time of sorrow and loss, as well as for your own family. Eternal light grant unto her O Lord!

Eileen Grossenbacher
1 year ago

Sorry for the loss of your sister in Christ. My prayers are going up for all of you as well as her family. May you Rest In The arms of the Heavenly Father Heidi.

Marybeth Dardis Beguiristain
1 year ago

My prayers go out to Heidi’s family as well as her RC family. Heidi is a beautiful soul who touched so many lives – and those lives were better for having known her. May she Rest In Peace.

Estela Ramos
1 year ago

Heide, coincidir contigo en la vida consagrada fue un gran regalo. Te voy a recordar siempre con tu gran sonrisa! Gracias por esos 28 años de entrega y amor! Qué puedas coger, ahora, los frutos de tu donación. Intercede por todos nosotros!
Mis más sinceros pêsames a la familia, amigos y a su comunidad. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Teresa Maziarz
1 year ago

Dear Heavenly Father, my heart’s kind of breaking.
I’m so grateful for the gift of Heidi, and hurting because she’s gone.
I’m so thankful for her joy and goofiness that always encouraged me when I was at the PC. She was my spiritual guide for 2 years, and she patiently listened to my teenage woes, let me cry, made me laugh, centered me back on Jesus, and even taught me a mind game to help me sleep better. She taught me how to decorate rooms and put together outfits. She was present, loving and constantly serving. Most of all, she led us, through her guided prayers, to know and love Jesus better.
Heidi, I am so grateful to have known you. I put ALL my trust in God’s loving mercy. I have no doubt that the one who first looked on you and loved you, is looking on you again. May you now experience the everlasting joy of being with your first Love. Rest in peace and see you soon!

Prayers and love to all her friends, family and her community.

Javier Poyatos
1 year ago

Descanse en Paz . Mis condolencias a la familia y que el Señor la acoja en su Reino.

1 year ago

May our dear Lord bring you much consolation and the joy that is Heidi. How she blessed our lives! Thank you, God, for sharing Heidi with us.