Heidi Marie Seubert


Heidi was born on November 1, 1969, in Cottonwood, Idaho. She was consecrated on September 15, 1993, in Rhode Island. Over the course of her 28 years of consecrated life, she spent the first years in pastoral ministry in different parts of the country. Then, she served as principal at Immaculate Conception Academy in Wakefield, Rhode Island, and later as formation director at both Everest Academy in Detroit and Everest Academy Lemont near Chicago. Most recently, Heidi was director of the community of Consecrated Women in Cincinnati and young adult section director.

We pray for the repose of Heidi´s soul and for her family at this time.

Funeral information can be found here.

“Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her”.

Here you can express your condolences, memories of Heidi, or leave a message for her family.

Heidi Marie Seubert


Heidi nació el 1 de noviembre de 1969, en Cottonwood, Idaho. Se consagró el 15 de septiembre de 1993 en Rhode Island, EUA. De sus 28 años de vida consagrada, pasó sus primeros cinco años en la pastoral juvenil en diferentes ciudades de Estados Unidos. Fue subdirectora del Colegio Immaculate Conception Academy en Wakefield, Rhode Island; sirvió como directora de formación en Everest Academy en Detroit Michigan y en la Academy Everest en Lemont, cerca de Chicago. Actualmente Heidi fungía como directora de sección de jóvenes en Cincinnati, Ohio y como directora de la comunidad de consagradas.

Pedimos por el eterno descanso de Heidi y por su familia.

“Dale Señor el descanso eterno, y brille para ella la luz perpetua”

Si lo desea, puede dejar aquí un mensaje a la familia, expresar sus condolencias o compartir algún recuerdo de Heidi.

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  1. May Heidi rest eternally in the Merciful Heart of Jesus.
    We thank you, Lord, for her life of love & dedication.
    May Our Lady console her family, community & friends.

  2. I send my poor prayers from the Holy Land, from where the Lord Jesus gives us new life with his resurrection. I pray the risen Lord to reiceve Heidi in his arms and to give peace to her family and to all my consecrated sisters in Regnum Christi in Cincinnati and in the world.

  3. Que descanse en Paz nuestra hermana. Y que goce del abrazo de su Señor. Todas nuestras oraciones por Heidi, su familia, su comunidad.

  4. God has she in his Glory

  5. Que Dios la tenga en su Gloria. Mucha fuerza para su familia en estos momentos tan duros.

  6. Thank you Heidi for your fruitful dedication to Christ and to the Church. May God grant you his peace.

  7. Con toda gratitud por su vida y cariño con todos

  8. Heidi was a gift to all who knew her…a ray of sunshine who was constantly serving, giving, and caring for others with a such great joy. A true sister! My prayers for her family and her community and all of us who were touched by her life.

  9. Dear Heidi, hardly anybody could say no to you: you got us monthly Starbuck’s coffee beans for free, you stood in line at Home Depot to pick up paint for free and the worker behind you offered spontaneously to help fix our old convent rooms for free when you told him you were a missionary,… and these examples are just a taste of how God loved you and us through you. I saw the fruits of your desire to serve, to make things more beautiful and homey, I smiled with you at your capacity to work several projects at the same time and when you tried out things that you changed a little time later. You really cared. You did not always see the beauty that we saw in you. You loved consecrated life and you loved people. You knew how to be a friend, a sister and a spiritual companion on the road for many. You were not perfect just like the majority of us-Thank God! – and you were so much in love with Jesus. Your love for Jesus edified me and helped me in my own life. Thank you, Heidi! I am grateful that I lived with you for some time. I am very sad you left but hopeful to find you again. I will do my best.
    Rest in the arms of Jesus, Heidi! With all my love!

  10. Doy gracias a Dios por el don de la vida y consagración de nuestra querida hermana Haidi, que tanto bien hizo. Me uno con mis oraciones a mis hermanas consagradas de Cinsinati, a sus papás y familiares para Jesús les llene de fortaleza, un abrazo fuerte para todos y mis oraciones.

  11. Que en paz descanse. Rogamos a Dios que abra las puertas de su casa para recibir a su alma.

    Pedimos a Señor que dé fortaleza y consuelo a sus familiares, amigos y hermanos en Cristo.

  12. Mi más sentido pésame 🙏🏻 Dale Señor el descanso eterno !!! Y luzca para ella la luz perpetúan 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Mexico . Querétaro

  13. Rest In Peace Heidi

  14. Qué el Señor la reciba en su gozo y en su paz y derrame consuelo en todos los que nos afligimos con tu partida, en especial en su familia y comunidad de Cincinnati.

  15. May Heidi enjoy her home with the Lord. I met her in Rhode Island when I was a girl attending the Ancora Conventions. She has always been such a spiritual role model for me. Best wishes to her family, friends, and anyone mourning her loss.
    Love you, Heidi!

  16. Dear Consecrated Women, praying for you all very much with this loss of a truly kind and loving woman. I have so many fond memories of Heidi.

  17. Descanse en paz. Mis oraciones por ella y su familia.

  18. Sending my prayers for the repose of the soul of Heidi, and for all of those affected by her loss. Requiescat in Pace.

  19. Heidi! A beautiful soul and a joyful one! Great sister and kind friend. She will be dearly missed. Praying for all of my sisters in the US and for her family.

  20. Grateful to our Lord for having had the privilege of knowing such a kind soul.

  21. I thank God for the life of Heidi. She always had a smile in her face and was attentive to others needs. It seemed to me that everything was so simple and easy for her because her life was truly surrendered to the Lord. I know that God, who is MERCY, is the only one who knew all the beauty she carried inside… Even though we are going to miss her, I am happy to know that she has finally arrived to her spousal embrace forever. May the Lord grant her peace and consolation to all her family.

  22. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

    Mother, Mary, keep her and her family wrapped in your loving mantle.

  23. Me uno al dolor de su familia y de todas las consagradas, especialmente de su comunidad. Siempre recordaré su sonrisa, sufirmeza en el seguimiento de Cristo.

  24. Doy gracias a Dios por la vida y consagración de mi querida hermana Haidi, que tanto bien hizo. Me uno con mis oraciones a su familia, a mis hermanas consagradas de Cincinnati para que Jesús les abracé y fortalezca en estos momentos .🙏🙏

  25. Heidi, que descanses en paz, que Dios de su consuelo a toda las que vivieron cerca de ti, tantas personas que tocaste a traves de tu vida y de tu vocación. Que Dios de fortaleza a tu familia y fe.

  26. What an incredible woman who sought to serve and give herself unceasingly. Heidi you will be deeply missed. May you now know the inestimable value of your presence in the lives of others. Your attention, care, love, and your unique way of going the extra mile for those around you. There was so much beauty in who your very being- timeless, deep, supernatural. May you feel the Father’s love for you, and may we step back and renew our faith in how knowing He continually walks with us and loves us. “Christ, who walks before me,
    shares my every burden,
    will help rescue me in every crisis,
    knows my every hope,
    knows everything I suffer,
    will always lease me to safety.”(Watson, W)

    Eternal rest grant onto thee dear sister.

  27. The birth of Jesus at Christmas sheds light on suffering and death. He was born so we might have Eternal Life. Grant Lord that Heidi may participate fully of the joy of everlasting bliss. We also pray for her family. 

  28. I am very sorry for the human loss of Heidi’s presence but I am sure that her Loving soul added to this world the Work of the Holy Spirit through her life !! Blessed Heidi lives now in total happiness and Eternal Love! My prayers for her community and for her Family and friends .

  29. I send my condolences to all the consecrated women for the great sorrow you are experiencing for the loss of your sister, Heidi. She, and all of you, will be in my prayers.

  30. Heidi and our family goes way back. She was the kindness and most dear person. We will all miss her terribly. The last time we all got to see you was at our son’s ordination just a few months ago. How I wish I had more time with you. You will always be in my heart. My deepest condolences to all the Lay Consecrated, your family, and the countless lives you touched.

  31. A sister, friend and true mother to all of us. The Seeger family will dearly miss Heidi, and keep all in our prayers.

  32. Dear Heidi, you will be in prayers, specially in today’s mass.

    Thank you so much for you “yes!” To our Lord. He will be your peace and consolation forever.

    Heidi Seubert.

  33. Recibiremos sus oraciones de intercesión a ahora desde el cielo. Allá le veremos nuevamente cuando El lo disponga.

  34. We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. We will keep Heidi’s family and all of the Consecrated in our prayers. Thank you, Heidi’s family, for giving her to us! I loved Heidi so much! She was so instrumental in the Faith and formation of our daughters out at the PC in Rhode Island. When they talk about their time there, she is always mentioned as one who they love and who taught them a lot. She was always so full of joy! I always remember her telling me that if I didn’t know the words to a song to just mouth the word “watermelon”. I think of that every time I don’t know the words and it always brings a smile when I think of her joyful spirit! I can just hear Jesus saying, “Well done, My good and faithful servant, enter into the joy prepared for you for all of eternity!!”

  35. Dios se llevó una de sus mejores rosas, para adornar el jardín del cielo.
    Mis condolencias para su familia y para sus compañeras consagradas y familia espiritual.
    Dios los fortalezca y de paz a sus corazones.
    Un abrazo desde Bogotá Colombia

  36. May the Lord’s smile shine today upon his good and faithful servant Heidi today…and provide peace and consolation for her grieving natural and spiritual families.

  37. I am so very sorry for your loss of Heidi, a light in this world. May she rest in Christ forever. Amen. Alleluia!

  38. Lord, I thank you for the life of Heidi, who gave us an example of how to love and serve you above all things. May you open wide the doors of your kingdom To receive her soul. May our Blessed Mother console her entire family and community.
    Heidi Marie Seubert, rest in peace. ✨🕊

  39. Such a beautiful soul and dearest of friends. Heidi brought joy , sunshine and a welcoming spirit wherever she went. One of the most down to earth and personable person I ever met . I love you Heidi !

  40. Resignacion Cristiana, bendicion!

  41. My condolences to the family and our regnum christi community. God give you comfort and peace.

  42. May she Rest In Peace. Such wonderful young ladies giving so much, helping others, getting our souls know and love God

  43. Sending prayers for the Seubert family, all the consecrated women, especially the Cincinnati community, and all who knew Heidi. My years at ICA were a very special time in my journey, and I am grateful to Heidi for being part of them, always with such joy and kindness. I am sure she is with Jesus.

  44. Dear Heidi, you will be deeply missed. Thank you for your generous gift of generous consecrated life! I have known you since you consecrated. I am sure that you inspired many. Every reflection, poem or prayer you posted was equally inspiring. I will offer my next Masses for you, for your dear consecrated sisters during this difficult time of sorrow and loss, as well as for your own family. Eternal light grant unto her O Lord!

  45. Sorry for the loss of your sister in Christ. My prayers are going up for all of you as well as her family. May you Rest In The arms of the Heavenly Father Heidi.

  46. My prayers go out to Heidi’s family as well as her RC family. Heidi is a beautiful soul who touched so many lives – and those lives were better for having known her. May she Rest In Peace.

  47. Heide, coincidir contigo en la vida consagrada fue un gran regalo. Te voy a recordar siempre con tu gran sonrisa! Gracias por esos 28 años de entrega y amor! Qué puedas coger, ahora, los frutos de tu donación. Intercede por todos nosotros!
    Mis más sinceros pêsames a la familia, amigos y a su comunidad. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  48. Dear Heavenly Father, my heart’s kind of breaking.
    I’m so grateful for the gift of Heidi, and hurting because she’s gone.
    I’m so thankful for her joy and goofiness that always encouraged me when I was at the PC. She was my spiritual guide for 2 years, and she patiently listened to my teenage woes, let me cry, made me laugh, centered me back on Jesus, and even taught me a mind game to help me sleep better. She taught me how to decorate rooms and put together outfits. She was present, loving and constantly serving. Most of all, she led us, through her guided prayers, to know and love Jesus better.
    Heidi, I am so grateful to have known you. I put ALL my trust in God’s loving mercy. I have no doubt that the one who first looked on you and loved you, is looking on you again. May you now experience the everlasting joy of being with your first Love. Rest in peace and see you soon!

    Prayers and love to all her friends, family and her community.

  49. Descanse en Paz . Mis condolencias a la familia y que el Señor la acoja en su Reino.

  50. May our dear Lord bring you much consolation and the joy that is Heidi. How she blessed our lives! Thank you, God, for sharing Heidi with us.

  51. Que el Señor la tenga en su Gloria y que ayude a sus familiares a resignación . Mis sinceras condolencias .

  52. Gracias Heidi por tu vida. Pido a la Virgen que te entregue en brazos de Jesús y en Él descanses en paz y gozo.
    Desde Tierra Santa pido por tu familia y por mis hermanas consagradas de EU, especialmente la comunidad de Cincinatti

  53. God bless you Heidi. Thank you for the joy you brought to Everest and RC Chicago.

  54. Cuenten con nuestras oraciones, somos una familia. Un abrazo grande, con cariño,

    Rosy Orozco
    Consagrada RC en Medellin

  55. Last year, I served on a mission year and stayed with the Consecrated community in Cincinnati. The first time I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi, our personalities instantly clicked. She was always so joyful and did everything she possibly could to make sure my missionary sister and I were happy and taken care of. She truly was our adopted mother the whole year. She always made sure things were in order, and was never shy to sweep us up to help her in her regular reorganizing of the consecrated house 🙂 I had the dearest and most genuine conversations with her, as I felt she understood me completely and saw me through Jesus’ eyes. She has been such a blessing in my life and I will miss her dearly. I know she has made such an impact on so many people and my prayers go out her, her family, the consecrated community, and all of her loved ones. Heidi, thank you for being a huge part of the best year of my life. May you rest in peace. ❤️

  56. You will be missed by me, a mom of two daughters who received love and care from you at ICA, I always admired your attention to detail and gentleness to me. A truly beautiful woman of God. Prayers for her family and all the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi.

  57. May Heidi rest in peace. I knew her as a genuine consecrated woman of Regnum Christi who gave herself totally to the service of the Lord and souls. She was a beautiful and gentle soul. My deepest condolences to her family as well.

  58. I was deeply saddened to hear the news about Heidi. I will be praying for her, her family and her consecrated sisters. May the Lord provide his healing for all! 

  59. May Heidi rest in peace! May her Family and Community experience the peace that flows from the pierced heart of the Lord whom Heidi loved.
    Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord.

  60. Mis oraciones por Heidi, su familia y su Comunidad.
    Dios la acoja en su seno, como Padre suyo que es.

  61. For Heidi- may you rest in eternal peace with the Father

    From our one encounter I will never forget your beautiful witness of loving like the Father does.

  62. I will forever fondly remember Heidi’s beautiful spirit and all the love she shared with us at Everest Academy in Lemont, IL. We were so blessed to have her with us then, and we will miss her dearly. May God grant her eternal rest and let perpetual light shine upon her as she continues to do His holy will from Heaven. Deepest sympathies to her family and consecrated sisters in Christ and all those grieving her loss.

  63. My memories of Heidi are full of joy, laughter, adventure, dedication to the mission, and God’s tender love. She was a unique and beautiful friend who will truly be missed and for whom I am truly grateful. May she rest in peace and may the angels smile upon her forever.

  64. Mi más sincero pésame por el fallecimiento de Heidi. Le encomiendo en mis oraciones y le pido a Dios NS que toda su familia, y sus hermanas y hermanos en Cristo, encuentren rápido consuelo en estos momentos de fragilidad; que nos otorgue a todos el consuelo que sólo Él puede darnos y que llega al fondo de nuestras almas a través de su infinito amor.

  65. Dearest Heidi, God knows how much your love for Him made you walk the path of this life, and show the beauty of your daily surrender!
    I remember you in the kitchen of the formation center in RI, with your winter coat because you were in charge of the fridge and freezer… I always found in you a great spirit of service! Thank you Heidi! Rejoice in the presence of your Father and Lord!
    Love and prayers to her family, all CRC in the US, in a special way the community of Cincinnatti!

  66. My first memory of her: 1997 YTM missions in St. Louis, ‘apostles needed, couch potatoes need not apply!’ She was so good at fixing up and decorating. And I loved her reflections on Facebook. Rest In Peace dear Heidi, help us get to heaven

  67. Rest in Peace Heidi
    Prayers for all who are suffering at the loss of Heidi’s life here on earth. May she be welcomed home into God’s kingdom. You will be missed Heidi

  68. I was with Heidi in our candidacy and we were consecrated together in Rhode Island. I was not with her for long since I soon left for Rome, but she remains in my heart and memory as a very enthusiastic, joyful and kk d woman. May the Ángels welcome her into heaven!
    My condolences to her family and friends and sisters in Regnum Christi.

  69. Siento mucho el fallecimiento de Heidi. Son momentos difíciles, pero también nos reconforta el saber que Dios nuestro Señor está ahí en estos momentos de tránsito al cielo. Acompaño a toda su familia y a todas las Consagradas con mi oración. Que el Señor les consuele y acompañe en estos momentos difíciles. Le recordaré en mi oración y en la celebración de la Misa. Descansa en paz Heidi.

  70. With love and prayers for a beautiful soul…I shall miss her beautiful words.

  71. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. I hope to see you in heaven Heidi.

  72. Dear Heidi we will miss you and your beautiful way of treating all others. You were always somebody who shared her peace, happiness and hope with all of us. May you Rest In Peace with God, Our Lady and the angels.

  73. We were blest to enjoy Heidi for too short a time at Everest Clarkston. Smart, caring, bringing joy. She loved to serve … everyone. Dear Consecrated sisters and Seubert family, you are in my prayers as you experience our loss and Heidi’s gain.

  74. Sending prayers and love to all who are grieving the loss of this beautiful daughter of God. Eternal rest grant onto her dear Lord.

  75. To all my consecrated sisters may God give you peace of heart during this difficult time. United in prayer.

  76. My condolences to your whole family. I will offer her up in my mass tomorrow.

    In my prayers.

  77. Thank you dear Jesus for the gift of Heidi to our world, thank you for her love and hard work all these years. We pray for her family, community and sisters… and that she may rest in your loving merciful heart. 💓

  78. My deepest condolences to all the Community. May she rest in peace.

  79. Descansa en paz, hermana
    I pray for you, your family and community.

  80. Heidi a wonderful, generous and gentle soul. You will be forever missed Heidi. My deepest and sincere sympathy to the Suebert family, friends and her beloved community. Rest In Peace.

  81. I’m so sorry to hear about Heidi. My deepest condolences to the whole Community. May she rest in peace.

  82. Thank you for your Yes!

  83. Heidi was the most joyful soul on the outside. I’m sad to think of the inner sorrow and pain that was masked by such joy. For all the kindness she showed to me in high school and to so many others throughout her life, I pray God reward her generously. May she rest in God’s peace.

  84. Dear Heidi! You are at my heart ❤️! Eternity awaits you! Mary May take you by the hand and bring you to Jesus!

  85. Sending my deepest condolences to Heidi’ family and my deepest condolences as well to all the consecrated women for the great sorrow you are experiencing for the loss of your sister, Heidi. Praying for all of you in my mass, Novenas of the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe, and asking St Joseph to take care of Heidi and all of you. She, and all of you, will be in my prayers, and daily masses.

  86. We are deeply saddened to hear the news about Heidi. Our hearts go out to her family, the dear consecrated women, the community of Cincinati, and all her friend. Our prayers are with you during this time of sorrow. We have many fond memories of her gentleness, warmth, and kindness to our family. We are grateful to have known her. It’s wonderful to read the notes and realize her impact, and how many people love her. I plan to ask for her intercession asap! In loving prayer, the Herboth Family

  87. Heidi was a beautiful soul, friend and loved deeply. She was one of the four RC Consecrated women who recorded a talk this year for our parish St. Maximilian Kolbe 45011 for our virtual Advent by Candlelight. I’m shook to the core, all I can do is keep praying, crying and mourning. I will miss her tremendously!

  88. ‘Lord, as we mourn the sudden death of HEIDI SEUBERT , show us the immense power of Your goodness and strengthen our belief that she has entered into Your Presence. Amen.‘ 🙏🙌🙏
    Thy Kingdom Come +

  89. Heidi was such a beautiful person. My children attended Everest Academy where Heidi was the formation director. She had a gentleness about her that provided great comfort to my girls over the years, especially my youngest daughter, after she joined our family from China. Heidi had a special way with children- a true gift.

    We will miss Heidi and her kind spirit and are grateful to have known her❤️

  90. Heidi, I had the chance to meet you during my coworker year in 1999, and you were always radiant with joy when I saw you. May you rest in God’s peace and you’re in my prayers, along with your family and all who will miss you. May God’s strength sustain you all.

  91. I want to give Heidi´s Family and Community my prayers and deep wishes

  92. May you rest in the peace, comfort, and all-encompassing love of Jesus. Pray for us as we pray for you.

  93. We send our prayers for the soul of dear Heidi and her family. May the Sacred Heart bring His peace and lead Heidi in His loving arms into her heavenly reward!
    The William Guilfoil Family

  94. My condolences to Heidi’s family and consecrated sisters. We met on a Pilgrimage to Rome and became fast friends. When Heidi traveled to RI, we always made time to catch up over dinner. I will miss her inner light and the peace that she brought to me when we met. Godspeed my sister in Christ. Till we meet again at the eternal banquet table ..

  95. We thanks God for her life and testimony. And our prayers for her soul and family.

  96. Heidi, you will be so missed. I’m so glad we got to host you at our house a few months ago and spend time catching up. I am sitting here thinking of some meaningful memories from when I was in high school. You always took the time to understand me and my silly teenage angst! Just an example of the genuinely kind person you are. The world will feel a little darker without your light in it.

  97. Heidi, you blessed us so. The beauty you shared so generously has left a permanent, fabulous mark on this world. Grateful for your love. To your family and sisters, I send love and tremendous prayers for deep peace.

  98. Heidi was the first consecrated woman I met in 1995 when she traveled to Kansas City on a road team. She was so thoughtful, kind and considerate. She was a great listener, encourager and example of faith in action. May she rest in the merciful arms of Jesus.

  99. Dear Heidi, THANK YOU so much for your joyful and tireless love for Christ, for your sisters in Christ, and for everyone around you. May you rest and enjoy in the everlasting company of you loving Jesus. My prayers and love for you, for your family and all my sisters who are in much pain. We are in the Mercyful hands of our Good Father and our Blessed Motber.

  100. Thank you Lord for the gift of Heidi! She was such a gentle, kind soul. I have beautiful memories of her presence and her smile. I felt she truly cared for my daughters at school. I pray she is now Home for Christmas! God bless all the Consecrated and her family as they grieve her passing and hope for that joyful reuion in Heaven.

  101. Heidi came through Saskatoon often on her mission and held wonderful retreats for the ECYD girls, she offered spiritual direction and she became my friend. Her sensitive heart, her integrity and so much more led to our friendship. When I was in Rhode Island in the program to give a year and changed my mind and felt called to come home, on my last night there Heidi showed up by my bunk bed after silence to say good bye. We went to the hallway and talked and as always her heart and mind were open and she was my friend, she understood me, she believed in me and she encouraged me. She was gentle and kind and genuine in all ways. I have thought of her often over the years. My deepest condolences to her family, to her sisters in Christ and to all who were graced with her friendship and feel the of her loss on earth. Heidi is in Heaven I have no doubt with her beloved spouse. Thank you for your friendship and guidance and gentleness Heidi.

  102. Oh Heidi, you are already so missed! I trust that Our Lord will wrap you in his merciful embrace.
    Heidi was always so gentle and attentive in her love for each person, from my time at ICA up to when I saw her this October for a friend’s wedding and class reunion. One minute it would be with her dry humor and made up songs, the next with silent presence in sorrow, and the next with a gem of big-sisterly advice.
    We are so heartbroken that these last years she also carried so deep a pain and suffering underneath that…Rest in peace dear Heidi.

  103. When I close my eyes and imagine Heidi, I see her in a plaid apron working hard in the kitchen. I’ll never forget her luminous smile, her sincere kindness, and her boundless energy. We were in RI together in 1994-96 but she was one year ahead. Rest in peace, dearest Heidi 💔 you will be dearly missed.

  104. Heidi was so kind and welcoming to me and my wife when we moved up to Cincinnati. She had a true gift of hospitality. She loved the Lord very clearly and served Him joyfully. I thank the Lord that I was able to know her, if only for a brief time.

  105. Heidi and I were friends for over 30 years. The top picture is the two of us the night before our graduation from the University of Idaho. The lower one, taken a few years ago.

    I will miss Heidi’s sweet smile and our wonderful conversations. She was such a kind, loving and giving friend. May she Rest In Peace in the loving arms of our Lord.

    My prayers to her family and consecrated sisters.

  106. Reciban mis condolencias por Heidi que ya llegó a la casa del padre
    Pido a Dios por ella y por toda su familia Descanse en paz!!!

  107. Heidi was a member of our Catholic Community at the University of Idaho. She was such a kind, gentle person. Saddened to hear of her death, but rejoicing for another saint in heaven. Blessings and prayers to Heidi’s family and friends.

  108. What a beautiful person! Heidi was one of the very first consecrated women my sister and I met at a girls’ retreat in MN. Later my family loved playing the card game “peanuts” with her when she would visit our home. She was always so kind, real, attentive, funny, and her fruitful love for Our Lord always inspired me. It was she who taught me as a teen that even my weakest places could be used as a trampoline to Jesus and his virtues I desired. When I think of the pain she was quietly carrying with a smile, I’m confident that as much as she was able… she was using it as a trampoline to Jesus. May she rest in his arms forever! Thank you, Heidi! I love you. My condolences and prayers to all her loved ones.

  109. We will miss you, beautiful Heidi.. your warmth and kindness emanated so freely and easily. I am grateful to have known you and prayed with you in the RC community. This is a huge loss for us now on earth, but we trust in God’s divine and eternal plan. Rest in peace with the comfort of angels and our Lord’s loving arms around you!

  110. Descanse en paz y que el Señor en su infinita misericordia le de paz, fortaleza y resignación a sus familiares y amigos 🙏🏻

  111. Such a beautiful soul! My prayers are with go out to her family and friends at this difficult time. May she Rest In Peace.

  112. Descanse en los brazos de nuestro Padre Dios!!! Qué toda su familia y amigos reciban el consuelo de Jesús que los abraza en estos momentos tan difíciles.

  113. My deepest condolences to all of Heidi’s family and friends. She was a rare soul, a beautiful person and left nothing but beauty wherever I encountered her. She was my sister in Christ through time shared when I was consecrated and in R.I. In the mid 90’s. She was a most gracious friend.

  114. Heidi was such a good hearted person. She went through hard times, we shared together. She suffered with great virtue. I loved her pocker face and her poetry, all in the same person. I will always remember her. Love to u my friend. Prayers for friends and family. 😘🤗🙏😪✨

  115. Heidi, you had such a generous heart that truly loved our Lord. In everything you strove to speak the truth of His love to everyone you met. Being my spiritual director for 2 years right until the end over Zoom to Canada truly changed my life. There was no doubt that you were in love with Our Lord by the way you spoke of him and his merciful love to me. May you rest peacefully with Him, your eternal spouse, in the home he has prepared for you ❤

  116. Remembering Heidi with great love. She has been a gift in my life from 1998 until today and I treasure the years we spent together and the many memories we shared. May the Lord embrace her with his love and hold her close to his heart.

  117. Our condolences to Heidi’s family, friends, consecrated women and our RC family. Eternal rest grant unto her soul O Lord….❤

  118. Thank you, Heidi! I am grateful for your life. I am sad you left but hopeful to find you again.
    Rest in the arms of Jesus, Heidi! With all my love!

  119. Heidi

    We have such incredible memories of Heidi while our daughters attended Immaculate Conception Academy in Wakefield RI. Heidi was always there to greet our family with a smile and an embrace. Our hearts go out to her family and the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi for this devastating loss. Please be assured that all of you will be in our family’s prayers.

  120. By the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Will offer Mass for Heidi‘s family and the entire Consecrated community.

  121. Jesus, we trust in You.. I recall Heidi as a beautiful soul who was hard working and so sweet. I remember her sharing her story as a young consecrated when I was young and discerning. She passed through St. Louis a few times and stayed with my parents and family.
    Later, via social media, I would share prayer intentions and she offered comfort and assurance. Heidi shared posts that depicted a humble, hopeful, and deep soul who recognized the hardships of this world but dedicated herself to Him and the souls He loved so much. One would never think that such an ever youthful and sweet woman bore such a burden. I pray for all who carry such a very real cross . Heidi knew who to turn to and think of the many times Heidi uttered the words of the Hail Mary, pray for us at the hour of our death. Amen. No doubt , Mother Mary was there. God bless all who knew and loved Heidi and May she rest in the arms of the Eternal Spouse of her soul.

  122. Heidi was a gem of a human being. She brought sunshine into all of our lives. She loved Jesus with all her heart and lived with incredible virtue. I will always remember her flitting about like a butterfly 🦋 or a hummingbird, with so much life and joy, bringing beauty, laughter and help to those around her. Our hearts are broken on this side of heaven. May she rest in the eternal embrace of her Good Shepherd. Love you, Heidi!💔🕊

  123. May the Eternal Shepherd carry Heidi and shepherd all her loved ones to the consolation of hope.

  124. Dearest Heidi, how special you are and how greatly you’ll be missed! Your gentle spirit, attentiveness, sense of humor, and deep faith left a mark on so many of us who’ve crossed paths with you over the years. May you rest in the loving embrace of the One for whom you gave it all!
    Many prayers for all her loved ones as we mourn her loss together. ❤️

  125. I cannot express in words our deep feelings of sadness and loss over beautiful Heidi. Our little family met Heidi when my husband Cole took care of the grounds at the Immaculate Conception school in South Kingstown, RI. When Cole’s father passed away in Ireland , Heidi, without hesitation, organized a mass and meal for him here and it brought great comfort to Cole and all of us. Since the school closed, we were graced with an annual visit from her at our home in Narragansett where we discussed everything from the meaning of life to laughing at silly jokes with our two children over a bowl of ice cream. The children knew that “Aunt Heidi doesn’t just bring the vanilla, she brings every flavor!” My heart is broken that I cannot sit and chat with my dear friend. Her kindness, her grace, and her gentle nature will be sorely and deeply missed in this world. Until we meet again my friend, May God hold you gently in the palm of His hand. – Ann Marie and The Waters Family

  126. Dear Heidi, your beautiful smile, your delicate and sensitive heart, your prayerful presence is the gift you have us. Rest in the Lord who shines His light and love on you. You will be missed.

  127. I am truly sorry to hear that Heidi has passed away. Depression is a horrible disease that has afflicted many, including St. Mother Theresa. I have fond memories of Heidi at St Auggies. May our Lord grant her eternal rest. May His perpetual light shine upon her and on your family as well. Kim and my prayers are with your family in this tough time. God bless.

  128. A voice was heard in Cincinnati at the prayer service Monday night- mourning and great weeping.

    And as I consider the community of faith that surrounded Heidi. I am reminded of these words from Saint James and Saint Peter: “the prayer of faith will save the one who is *sick*, and the Lord will raise [her] up. And if [she] has committed sins, [she] will be forgiven… for the prayers of the just are powerful in deed.” James 5:15,16
    “for love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

    Our family’s prayers are with all the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi.

  129. Hermosura santa, de favor llévanos por siempre en tu corazón bendito que ya se encuentra gozando de la vida eterna.

  130. I am blessed for having known Heidi. She was so beautiful, inside and out. May she rest in peace.

  131. Heidi was a ray of sunshine, thoughtfulness, care and energy for others. My heart goes out to everyone who knew and loved her. I know so many were touched by her kindness and her guidance in so many moments. I am confident that she is with her Spouse Jesus and that He will comfort you and everyone of us who miss Heidi!

    Prayers and love!

  132. He ofrecido la Eucaristía de hoy por su eterno descanso y por su familia. El Buen Pastor conoce a cada una de sus ovejas por su nombre y carga sobre sus hombros a los que más necesidad tenemos de Él

  133. Praying for her.. Peace to her family, friends and peers

  134. Un abrazo grande, unida al dolor de todos quienes la quisieron tanto (familiares, hermanas en consagración, hermanos y amigos en el RC). Estamos muy unidos en la oración y el dolor, con la esperanza en el reencuentro con nuestra querida Heidi cuando nos toque pasar a la eternidad, seguramente allá formaremos comunidad de consagradas y del Regnum Christi.

  135. I was so very sorry to hear of the loss of such a beloved lady. I am praying for the repose of Heidi’s soul, for her family and her community.

  136. I am so thankful to have had Heidi in my life. She was an incredible spiritual mother and mentor. She was such a beautiful and joyful soul. Heidi’s incredible love for Jesus was so evident in everything she did. She taught me so much during our meetings and drew me closer our Lord. I’ll miss her dearly and I pray that she rests eternally with Jesus in His loving embrace. May Our Lady intercede for us, that her family, friends, and community find peace through Christ.

  137. My prayers for Heidi that she will experience the eternal love and peace of Christ,
    may she in peace. I will remember her at the altar.

  138. Only people who have gone through depression themselves can understand the pain, the loneliness and despair Heidi felt. Don’t be tone deaf to her suffering and to her family’s. Out of respect to her, don’t emphasize how “joyful” she seemed, those comments, regardless of their good intention, are tasteless and unempathetic. Pray for her and for those who are going through that same darkness and offer help to those in need, as we all know Christ wanted us to do.

  139. Only people who have gone through depression themselves can understand the pain, the loneliness and despair Heidi felt. Don’t be tone deaf to her suffering and to her family’s. Out of respect to her, don’t emphasize how “joyful” she seemed, those comments, regardless of their good intention, are tasteless and unempathetic towards her and other depression victims. Pray for her and for those who are going through that same darkness and offer hel to those in need, as we all know Christ wanted us to do.

    P. S. Don’t delete my comment, why are you so afraid for it to be read?

  140. Only people who have gone through depression themselves can understand the pain, the loneliness and despair Heidi felt. Don’t be tone deaf to her suffering and to her family’s. Out of respect to her, don’t emphasize how “joyful” she seemed, those comments, regardless of their good intention, are tasteless and unempathetic towards her and other depression victims. Pray for her and for those who are going through that same darkness and offer hel to those in need, as we all know Christ wanted us to do.

    P. S. Don’t delete my comment, why are you so afraid for it to be read?

  141. My very dear Heidi, I recall your first period “on the road”… I was blessed to have you as my companion driving to the Midwest. It was winter time… We had to cross South Dakota… But we got caught in a blizzard. As soon as we could we arrived to Kadoka (a small town which name means “a hole in the wall”). Another adventure… There was no Church in the town… We knew nobody there… A gentle old couple (the only christians in the place) heard about us and offered us a place to stay… We thought we were going to spend there just a night… But the snow storm increased day by day… We stay a whole week with this gentle couple. They were nice and generous with us, but they didn’t speak at all… Dear Heidi, I remember how you were so patient and full of creativity to spend those days in such a state.
    Dear Heidi, be sure you have been a wonderful sister to us. Thank you for your surrender and service, thank you for your kindness and love to God and to others. Thank you for your simplicity and great heart. Thank you for your combat. GOD EMBRACES YOU WITH ALL HIS LOVE.

    I specially pray for your family and for my sisters in US. Thank you for giving life to Heidi, Thank you for your love. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, And Our Mother Mary, and Dear Saint Joseph intercede for you all.

  142. Recordando el camino junto contigo en KADOKA!

  143. So sorry for your loss. May god give you peace and may He hold you in the palm of his hand. May Heidi rest in peace with the mantle of Our Lady wrapped around her.

  144. Only people who have gone through depression themselves can understand the pain, the loneliness and despair Heidi felt. Don’t be tone deaf to her suffering and to her family’s. Out of respect to her, don’t emphasize how “joyful” she seemed, those comments, regardless of their good intention, are tasteless and unempathetic towards her and other depression victims. Pray for her and for those who are going through that same darkness and offer hel to those in need, as we all know Christ wanted us to do.

    P. S. Don’t delete my comment, why are you so afraid for it to be read?

  145. What a blessing Heidi was to me when I was a coworker in Wakefield, RI! I remember her as always being put together. She was kind yet firm. She had a great laugh and a wit that sometimes came out of nowhere. She was always patient with me despite my tendency to get lost for hours on the winding one way roads in Rhode Island before cell phones and GPS was a thing. She sent me on some very interesting errands always believing there was a way to make it work when the milk order didn’t come in or the coffee order came in as beans instead of ground. Oh, how I will miss seeing her posts on Facebook which enables so many of us to keep in touch despite the years or the miles that pass between seeing each other.
    Be assured of my prayers for the repose of her soul, for her family, and for all those who mourn her passing.

  146. God has she in his Glory.
    Será un ángel de Dios más en el cielo. Gracias por su gran entrega al Reúno de Cristo.

  147. Heidi was a beautiful soul and so loved by God. We are grateful for her vocation and her presence in our lives.
    Requiescat in Pace good and faithful servant ✝️🕊🙏🏻💐

  148. Heidi, I enjoyed meeting you when my girls went to ICA, you always had a beautiful warm smile. And you were always ready to help us moms. It was fun to meet another Heidi there are so few of us.
    May God richly bless you and please remember us.

  149. May you forever gaze upon the face of our Lord, Heidi, good and faithful servant.

  150. May you be at peace and help us to heaven – Kristi Heft

  151. Cuenta con mis oraciones misas y mis comunión y le pediré al Sr mucha fortaleza y la virgen Maria 🙏 los acompañe 🙏

  152. I thank for the gift of Heidi! She was such a beautiful and wonderful person. I pray for her family and her community. We are United in the Lord.

  153. Mis oraciones y mis condolencias a todas las Consagradas. QEPD

  154. Heidi, greeting from Chile, rest in peace knowing the Merciful Heart of Jesus. I will pray for your family and also for every Consecrated woman who know you. May the Lord have you in Heaven completely happy and see you there!

  155. I am offering three masses for Heidi and her family. May Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception bring Heidi and all of us to heaven, and may Our Lord fill her family and the Regnum Christi consecrated women with the peace of His presence.

  156. My dear Heidi!! I remember you with your beautiful smile and tenderness towards every person. Thank your for your charity and love. I pray for you so the immense fountain of Mercy from the heart of God the Father, be poured out to you and your family. I unite my heart with pain with Jesus who also cries and with her family and each one of my sisters of her community. May Our Lady give consolation to our hearts. God bless.

  157. Querida familia. Me uno espiritualmente a su dolor. No dudo que su querida hija esté gozando ya de Dios, después de su sufrimiento. Desde el cielo ella rogará por toda su familia, por todos los hombres y por nuestras hermanas consagradas. Dios les bendiga y les llene de paz.

  158. Heidi did such an incredible job of consoling the Heart of Jesus here on earth. I can only imagine how much He is consoling hers now. I am forever grateful for her spiritual direction.

  159. I am glad to have first met Heidi back in 1993. May she rest in the peace of the Lord. My heart goes out to her family, community, and everyone close to her.

  160. May Christ in his merciful love bring Heidi to the joys of heaven. How could he, the Good Shepherd, not bring Heidi, one of his little ones, there on his shoulders after her life of consecration to him–with how much she loved and suffered? I’ve celebrated two Masses for the repose of Heidi’s soul so far, with more to come, and will continue to pray for her, her family, and her consecrated sisters during this time of sorrow and loss. May Christ’s coming at Christmas be a source of consolation, assurance, and peace.

  161. Our condolences to Heidi’s family and all her regnum Christi community at this very sad time in all of your lives.. May God grant you his comfort, and peace and hold Heidi in the palm of His hands..

  162. A pesar que nunca tuve la gracia de coincidir contigo, tu partida me resulta dolorosa, pues eres mi hermana consagrada, pero al mismo tiempo tengo la certeza que la misericordia de Dios te abraza fuerte y desde allá nos echarás una mano para los que seguimos en este peregrinar. Descansa en paz

  163. Heidi was a beautiful person. The girls
    at challenge camp loved to have their moments to speak with Heidi. She brought joy and peace to all who knew her. Know that Heidi’s family and all her consecrated sisters are in my constant prayers.

  164. Doy gracias a Dios por la vida de Heidi, porque dejó mucho bien sembrado en los corazones de las gente, su familia y sus comunidades. Padre gracias por su vida y su vocación. Que el Señor en su misericordia la acoja con un abrazo eterno, y consuele los corazones de su familia.

  165. Many prayers for the repose of Heidi’s soul, her family, and those close to her. Heidi was my spiritual director for the past year and a half and she was truly a gift in my life and the lives of so many. <3

  166. Our very deepest condolences to Heidi’s family, her Consecrated sisters and Legionary brothers. Our prayers are with you all and for the repose of her soul.
    Bob, Corinne, Stephanie, Katie and Mary Kirkpatrick, Saskatoon, Canada

  167. I got the grace to meet Heidi, and drive her around in NJ. She was very thoughtful and so in love with her vocation, I enjoyed our talks about the movement and the different changes.
    May she Rest In Peace, she is in my daily prayers!

  168. Remembering Heidi and her time spent in Kearney, Nebraska! We loved her!❤️
    For Heidi…
    He loved her first
    He knit her in her mother’s womb
    He knew the trials she would endure
    He knew the triumphs her life would hold
    She knew He loved her first
    She held Him as her hearts’ desire
    She felt the pain to the depths of her soul
    She carried the load as long as she could
    The world pressed in and pulled
    The way was sometimes hard to see
    An overwhelming shadow took hold
    A deep and quiet slumber ensued
    All knowing that
    He loved her first

  169. Rest In Peace sweet servant of the lord. May God cover your family in his grace and strength thru this difficult time.

  170. Dear Heidi. It has taken me several days to compose my thoughts enough to write this, and in that time I have prayed a plenary indulgence for my dear friend Heidi. Reading others’ comments, I see they have captured her giftedness and kindness splendidly. I have little to add but this: Heidi helped me in a period when I experienced my own darkness, with unfailing patience, kindness and her habitual discretion. I owe her a deep debt of gratitude. I believe that the people in her community, in her apostolate, all her consecrated brothers and sisters, were, in fact, a joy to her. She may have been battling something she did not know how to beat, and perhaps she did not want to talk about it because she knew it would most likely not resolve the problem; but that does not make her friendship any less genuine. I suggest that these friendships were a lifeline to her and a true joy and satisfaction… even though at the same time she was fighting another private battle she did not know how to win. I looked up the homily Pope Benedict XVI gave on Holy Saturday of 2007, to share the words that moved me then and now: “[Psalm 138 is] a hymn of trust in the God who never allows us to fall from his hands. And his hands are good hands…. If I say, ‘Let only darkness cover me,’ even the darkness is not dark to you; for darkness is as light with you.” Pope Benedict goes on later in the same homily, “‘I arose and now I am still with you,’ [Jesus] says to each of us. My hand upholds you. Wherever you may fall, you will always fall into my hands. I am present even at the door of death. Where no one can accompany you further, and where you can bring nothing, even there I am waiting for you, and for you I will change the darkness into light.” Heidi, rest now in God’s good hands; He is changing the darkness into light for you!

  171. Heidi, Jesus’ own and sister to us all in Regnum Christi, a simple brother here, praying for you and your family and my consecrated sisters, and thanking Our Lord for loving you so much and you Him.

    May you rest now in His Heart forever as you always longed to. I offered Jesus to His Father in Mass for you and for all who are suffering.

  172. Thanking God for the gift of Heidi, whose love, gentleness, sincerity, faith and hope shined on us through her genuine smile of joy. Praying for the repose of her beautiful soul, and counting on her to pray for us from heaven. Thank you, Lord God and Blessed Mother.

  173. May Heide Rest in in eternal peace with the grace of God! Our thoughts and prayers to the bereaved family… Marlene

  174. Me ha conmovido leer todas las condolencias y percibir con que cariño y admiración todos escriben sobre Heidi. Me hubiese encantado conocerte, Heidi!! Que mujer guapa! Por dentro y por fuera! Habrás hecho bien a tantísimas personas. Hoy rezo especialmente por ti, tus familiares y mi familia Regnum Christi que llora tu partida. Que seas recibida por María, los Ángeles y los Santos…que toda familia celestial prepare tu alma para el encuentro eterno con Jesús. Intercede por tus hermanas consagradas!!

  175. My prayers go out to the entire Seubert family. Maurice, it has been a long time. Please accept my condolences and my blessing.
    Heidi, we all know you are a very special person. You leave us with many fond memories and with the longing to see you again soon.
    Fr Joseph Burtka

  176. How saddened we were to hear of Heidi’s passing. Classmate and friend, Heidi, will always be remembered for her kindness, friendliness, and faithfulness. Prayers for the Seubert family and may Heidi Rest In Peace❤️ God bless you.

  177. Dearest Heidi, I’ll be praying for you. Intercede for us all! I thank Our Lord for having met you and for all you did for many members of RC in the States. May God bless your family with many blessings coming from your consecrated life. Love you! Susana

  178. Dear Heidi! Every day since you left us has held a kind of heaviness because we wish we still had you here to brighten our lives with your smile and your love for Jesus and for others.
    Heidi was a person who remembered everyone. She was personable and amiable and it was so easy to pick back up with her even after years had gone by. She was always interested in you and what you’d been doing.
    Heidi was always on the move, arranging and putting things in order and making them more beautiful as she went. She never wasted a trip up or down the stairs or a corridor!
    Dear sister, you will be missed and remembered.
    Uphold us with your prayers!

  179. Heidi: 
    May your Divine Spouse whom you faithfully loved on this earth welcome you into the wedding feast of the Lamb which He has prepared for you. You are deeply missed by those you leave behind, but we trust in your intercession for us with the God Shepherd as we continue your work of spreading His love to as many people as possible. 
    “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. (Psalm 23) 
    In Christ and the Movement, Br Ryan, LC 

  180. Rest in peace Heidi. You, your family and all consecrated women will be in my prayer.

  181. My sincere condolences to Heidi’s family and to all consecrated women of Regnum Christi, and all those who were close to her, with the assurance of my prayers. Thank you very much Heidi for your generosity and self-giving to God and to others!!!

  182. Querida Familia les envío estas lineas para agradecerles su generosidad y su amor al dejar a Heidy entrar en la vida consagrada y apoyar su si a Dios, un si lleno de amor y delicadeza como el de la Virgen Maria. Hoy tenemos tristeza por la forma que ha partido a la casa del Padre pero al mismo tiempo tenemos la alegría de que Heidy ha sido arropada bajo el manto de Maria y de la misericordia amorosa de Dios. Los encomendamos en nuestras oraciones para que Dios les regale la gracia y la fe para vivir estos momentos. Un abrazo con cariño Leticia Rendon hermana consagrada de Heidy.
    Unidos en oración.

  183. Heidi made such an impact on the girls at challenge camp. I feel fortunate that my girls were able to get to know her and learn from her. She was a beautiful person. We will be praying for her and her family and friends at this difficult time.

  184. Descanse en Paz!

  185. Thank you, Heidi, for helping me and so many others to encounter Our Lord. I pray you have found peace in His merciful heart and are at rest in His loving embrace.

  186. Dearest Heidi,

    There is not a path that you crossed where you didn’t leave an indelible mark of Love, Sweetness and Beauty. May your gentle soul rest in the hands of God.

    To her family and all the consecrated women, I offer my deepest condolences at the loss of such a beautiful soul.

    I worked in RI with Heidi at Immaculate Conception Academy and found such joy going to work each day. Heidi renewed my faith with such an extraordinary gentleness and kindness. Her sweet smile will forever be in my heart…

  187. God bless her and keep her in His embrace.

  188. I knew Heidi for only a short time, but she blessed me during this time with love and wisdom. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her. Her love strengthened my relationship with the Lord. Thank you, Heidi and I pray for your peace.

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  210. Heidi Marie Seubert, a beloved member of the Consecrated Women community, has passed away. She will be remembered for her unwavering dedication to her faith and the people she served.

  211. Heidi Marie Seubert was a beloved member of the Consecrated Women community and touched the lives of many with her kindness, grace, and unwavering commitment to her faith.

  212. Heidi Marie Seubert is a woman who has impacted the lives of many, and her memory lives on through the loving tributes of those who knew her. In reading the comments honoring her, it is clear that Heidi embodied many virtues, including kindness, strength, and gratitude.

  213. We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Heidi Marie Seubert, a dedicated member of the Consecrated Women community, who touched the lives of many through her unwavering commitment to spreading love and kindness.

  214. We mourn her loss but take comfort in knowing that she is at peace in the arms of our Lord. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this difficult time. We will miss her deeply, but her impact on our community will not be forgotten.

  215. This moving tribute is a testament to the profound influence that Heidi had on those who knew her, and I feel privileged to have been able to bear witness to it. May her memory be a blessing to all who knew and loved her.

  216. Heidi Marie Seubert, who passed away recently, was a shining example of a dedicated consecrated woman, whose life was dedicated to serving God and others.

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