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Learning to Lead Souls to Christ

The RC Spirituality Center offered Module 1 on the Principles of Spiritual Direction in Atlanta, GA, this past January 28th – January 31st, as part of the Spiritual Direction Certification Course. This certification course is being offered to all lay members, Consecrated men and women of Regnum Christi, and Legionaries to assure our Spiritual Directors have the necessary formation and tools for this most important means for accompanying our Regnum Christi members. 
This first module is designed to introduce students to the 5-module Certification Course beginning with understanding the basic dynamics of prayer and the spiritual life and the role of spiritual direction to foster spiritual growth. Presentations were given by Lucy Honner (Consecrated Woman and Director of the RC Spirituality Center) and Fr. John Hopkins, LC (Director of Our Lady of Bethesda) with many thanks to Kurt and Monica Oppermann, Beverly Stone, and Doc Gallagher who managed the practical on-site logistics to make the course possible. 
Hosting Module I in Atlanta was an idea conceived by Kurt Oppermann and Fr. Martin Connor, LC. 31 lay men and women from around the country, 1 Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, and 12 Legionaries all came together for a true experience of living as a charismatic family. The 3-day intensive course began Wednesday, with Fr. Jason Brooks, LC leading an evening of reflection on ´healing and desire’ to prepare the participants to enter into the course with prayerful hearts, open to the action of the Holy Spirit. 
“It was such a rich time” said Patty Veazy of College Station Texas. “Being together with other lay men and women, along with the LC priests and consecrated women. It was a time of fruitful conversation and sharing of diverse experiences. The course content was extremely informative and challenging to me – in both information and practical knowledge. I realize the need for continual study and learning. In addition to this, it was made so clear that we are simply vessels through which the Holy Spirit guides each soul in front of us. I picture the Holy Spirit in the middle and me on one side holding His “hand” while my guidee is on the other side holding His other “hand,” walking at His pace along the path leading towards Christ.”
Sharon, another participant in the course, shared, “I had the opportunity to attend Module I of RC Spirituality´s Spiritual Direction Certification Course in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was delightful to have the opportunity to meet with people from all areas of the country and walks of life (priests, consecrated, lay men and lay women) who share in a desire to receive deeper formation in the ministry of spiritual direction.  The presentations were clear, articulate, and thought provoking and I especially enjoyed reviewing the case studies.  I look forward to attending more courses in the future in order to deepen my knowledge in the art of spiritual direction.”
Continuing from this course in Atlanta, and for those who have already attended Module I previously, Module II on The Human Person will be offered April 12th – 17th, 2015 at Our Lady of Bethesda. For more information and to registerCLICK HERE.
For those interested in attending Module I: The Principles of Spiritual Direction, it will be offered at Our Lady of Bethesda in October. For more information and to register CLICK HERE.