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In Memory of Fr. Raymond Comiskey LC

The death of a brother and a friend confronts us with the value of every life and with our redemption through Christ’s paschal mystery. It is an opportunity to remember that we are pilgrims on our path to heaven and that Christ’s endures forever.

Fr. Raymond Comiskey LC was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1942. He was a member of the Legion of Mary in his youth where he learned that in order to be a good Catholic to be an active apostle is essential. He joined the noviciate of the Legion of Christ in Malahide, Dublin, in 1964. He was ordained a priest in Mexico in 1970 and was among the first legionary priests to serve in the mission territory of Cancún-Chetumal. After a life of tireless service to his people and some years of illness he left this world on May 26th, 2015. May he rest in peace!

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