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Meet the RC Renewal Delegates #2: Jody Geary- Ohio Valley 1

Jody GearyI’m a group leader in RC from Akron, Ohio, and have been incorporated into the movement for 7 years. My husband, Bernie, who is also in RC, and I have been married for 32 years and have three young adult children still in various stages of finishing their higher education. My parents passed on well before a ripe old age and Bernie was the youngest in his family, so by the time we were 45 all our parents were gone.

As a Girl Scout leader, I was concerned about the way my 7th grade scouts were dressing, and was looking for a course on modesty, when I was blessed to work with some truly faithful Catholics in the one and only Pure Fashion program that was organized in Akron. I admired the faith of these women and, through them, was introduced to RC. After being urged to take a discernment course and learn more about RC, I was excited at the prospect of having a means to improve my spiritual life. I felt called to be a part of the movement and incorporated at a Christ the King Celebration.

In the few years following our Pure Fashion program I watched most of the women involved, as well as my spiritual guide, “step back” from RC, due to the scandals rocking the Legion at the time. These matters shook my faith, as well, but, like Peter, I found myself wondering “Lord, to whom shall we go?” For me, the structure and formation provided through RC was the stabilizing influence in my faith life, even though we are quite active in and love our parish. When the Vatican affirmed the LC and RC, even while issuing the need for changes, I was heartened and determined to continue to be a part of the movement. I cherish my Encounter Team and need their weekly encouragement to live my Catholic faith. I’m especially blessed to be on a team with three older women, who are mentors and mother figures for me.

Long-time RC members in Northeast Ohio asked me to be the renewal liaison from our area to our Ohio Valley region and this position has given me a bird’s eye view of the process of statute revisions. It has been a blessing to be in a renewal group with both men and women and to hear the experiences of RC members who have been part of the movement for years; ones who understand the charism of RC and how it has been put into practice. I look forward to being a part of the national convention and sharing what it is like to live out that charism for the members in Northeast Ohio.