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Meet the RC Renewal Delegates 8: Sara Blalock – Michigan/North Indiana/North Ohio Women

Sarah BlalockSt. Paul admonishes us to “Pray without ceasing.” For 5 years, I prayed for something to fulfill a longing in my heart, that settled my restless spirit. Then one day, a woman my husband knew called inviting me to a discernment series. Immediately, my husband encouraged me to go. That initial meeting was my introduction to the Movement. The idea of a prayer community and the accountability of the program of life for spiritual progress were very attractive. God answered my prayers when I went to an Open Spiritual Exercises. I incorporated in October of 2007.

Once I was “hooked” God really took over my spiritual life. Three weeks after my incorporation, I became a team leader. Nothing like zero to sixty in no time flat. However, that is exactly what I needed. As a team leader, I saw a bigger picture of the Movement. I learned firsthand of the human and spiritual formation that drives each member. God Bless my team, for they were the victims in my learning curve. Yet, they supported me when I miscarried just 6 months after joining the Movement. Never before had I been cared for by the Church family. Upon reflection, the care of my soul was healing wounds inflicted in my youth.

I was raised in Indiana. My dad reverted to Catholicism and my mother converted before I was born. Our home was Catholic but Mom’s Protestant roots were very influential. Being Catholic didn’t seem to penetrate much beyond Sunday. Additionally, the cloud of alcoholism shaded everything. When I was 16 my dad abandoned our family. My mother, angry with the church, found another place to worship. For me, though, the church was the only stability in my life. By the time I was in college, I knew I needed the faith and the Campus Ministry at Purdue University provided the support I craved.   After college, I met my husband Carson who converted before we married in 2001. Being part of Regnum Christi has challenged us to fully live the Catholic faith as individuals and as a family.

Going though the renewal has been a blessing in my life. I’ve been aware of the renewal since 2010. I attended an LCA meeting at Thornwood with a woman on my team who asked me to be her travelling companion. The experience is the foundation for all the work I have done in the Movement since that time. Once again, I saw a bigger picture of Regnum Christi and the Legion. Having a mission that goes beyond this generation is intimidating, yet the Holy Spirit has chosen me (and others) to define the Movement for the future. What an awesome responsibility!

Taking what we know in our hearts and defining it words so we can be canonically recognized has been a challenge that has helped me grow in so many ways.  My husband says, “You are much easier to live with when you have a mission.” It’s true. I pray that all of us can embrace this mission of building the Kingdom.