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Consecrated Woman Vale Martínez Makes her Final Vows: “I couldn’t say ‘forever’ if I wasn’t sure that he is the person who loves me the most in the world”

On December 29, 2022, Valeria Martínez makes her final vows as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi in Monterrey. It is the next chapter in the story of how Christ has drawn her close to himself throughout her life. Valeria was born and raised in a world without God, but at a certain moment she felt the need to do something for the most disadvantaged, and through that she discovered Christ and the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi. She tells us her story in this interview.

Doing something for those in need led Vale to Christ and Regnum Christi.

How did you meet Jesus? And Regnum Christi?

When I was in high school, I formed a social action group with other friends to help people in need in my city. One of those friends invited me to participate in the activities of her parish and thus, at the age of 17, I came to know God. Providentially, during the years that I was in that parish, the Consecrated Women who were doing their formation in Monterrey went to that parish to do their apostolate. And so, I got to know Regnum Christi.

How did the Lord tell you that he wanted you to be consecrated in Regnum Christi? Was it sudden? Did Jesus speak to your heart?

The more I came to know God and get involved in the parish, the more I felt a happiness that I had never felt before. I participated in formation groups, prayer, and missions… with time, I began to understand that God did not ask me for “moments of my day” but rather that my whole life be with him and for him. So, I began a discernment process and here I am nine years later.

Vale Martínez, in a formation house of the Consecrated Women.

What has the role of your family been in your vocation?

Very important. I deeply admire my family because, although they do not practice or support the Catholic religion, they have a saying that has been the foundation of my story: “Your happiness is our happiness.” They have always supported me and although it is difficult for them that I am far away in a lifestyle like the one we have, they have never stopped supporting me.

And what about music? Tell us a little about your musical compositions!

Music! Well, it’s something I’ve been discovering over time. I have always loved music. In the candidacy I learned to play the guitar, 5 or 6 chords, and thus I became a “pinch hitter” when there was no one to play at mass.

In my formative years in Madrid, I discovered that sometimes the best way to express what I was praying or feeling was through music, like I could put a melody to the happiness I felt or the difficult moment I was going through.

I believe that music is a very powerful means of evangelization, because for some reason we can remember songs that we heard years ago, and what better than songs with a message containing the truths of our faith. I hope that the Holy Spirit continues to inspire songs that give glory to God.

Can you highlight two songs for us?

Yes. One of them is “El es poderoso (Magnificat)” [He is Powerful]. I composed it in Monterrey, in 2022. I would love to say that I wrote it, but it was simply putting music to the beautiful prayer of the Virgin. The Magnificat is a song that has accompanied me throughout these 8, 9 years. In moments of great joy “my soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord…” But, especially in hard times, this prayer sounds like powerful background music “my soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord…”.

God does not fade away when life gets difficult, He remains faithful, firm, close, STRONG! He doesn’t stop looking at us, holding us, loving us. And for this reason I hope that my whole life can be a proclamation of how great our Lord is.

And the other is “Espíritu de Dios” [Spirit of God]. It is a song that the Lord gave me at a very special moment: two days before writing it, I had finished the last of my three years at the Academy. After several very heavy months (COVID) ending with a whole month of traveling with the girls. In the summer of 2021, I arrived in Rome to begin month-long Spiritual Exercises, which means going from 100% of the intensity of living in the Academy, to 100% of the spiritual intensity of prayer in the midst of silence, in a period of three days. My mind was saying “I don’t want to,” but writing this song, it was clear that my heart was saying “it’s everything I need.” And with this song, the Lord prepared me for the gift of beginning this long time of prayer.

What was it like when you first entered into consecrated life in Regnum Christi?

I remember that moment of feeling like a “fish in the right pond.” It seemed incredible to me to be with other candidates who felt the same desire as me to be all for God. At the same time it has its challenge and gifts, like how in living with people from cultures different from mine I learned a lot.

The consecrated community in which one lives also plays an important role in discerning one’s vocation. How has it helped you?

Although community life has its challenges, I believe that if I did not live in community I could not be consecrated. God calls me to be his, but he calls me to live together with my sisters. They are like an anchor that keeps me close to God. They  encourage me and are there to support me when work or life gets too heavy. And definitely, they are also a rest.

And the rest of the Regnum Christi family: Legionaries, Lay Consecrated men and lay members?

Years go by and I never cease to be surprised that God has so many people around the world with this urgency and fire in their hearts to make Christ reign. The Regnum Christi family is just that, a family! It is true that the mission is very large, but it is also a gift that this mission is carried out as a team between the Regnum Christi family and the members of the Universal Church.

What does it mean for you to make your final vows?

It is an important step on the path that God invites me to follow to get to heaven. I could say that it is a celebration of the goodness and faithfulness of God. It is the Church’s confirmation, and also the confirmation of my own story of the call that God has given me. And my little “yes, forever” is the answer to a much bigger “YES” that He gave first.

What do you feel right now? Fear? Gratitude?

I am sooo happy! And at the same time, I am very excited to think about the joy that Jesus also feels. I have been waiting for this moment and I am sure that he has been waiting for it too. I feel a deep peace because of all the years of preparation that have taken place before taking this step. And I’m grateful to so many people who have been a key help for me to be able to give this answer. Thank you to all the people who have ever prayed “for vocations to the consecrated life” because these “vocations” have names and need prayers! May God repay them.

For Vale, consecrated life must be accompanied by a community.

What certainties do you have that allow you to say yes forever?

Here I will quote Saint Paul, who from prison said: “I know in whom I have put my trust” (2 Tim 1:2). I couldn’t say “forever” if I wasn’t sure that the person who called me is the one who knows and loves me the most in the world, who keeps all of his promises, that someone who will be with me every day, “until the end of the world” (Mt 28:20).

Do you think your relationship with Christ will change after you make your final vows?

The truth is, I don’t think it will be a very drastic change. Jesus is not going to love me any more for having made my final vows. Although I, with the passage of time, am more and more surprised by discovering how much he loves me, and I am amazed to witness what he is doing in the lives of the people around me. I just hope I can be a little more like Him every day.

Music is a very special form of evangelization for Vale.

How do you contemplate the time since you said yes to God until now, when you are on the eve of making your final vows?

It’s like looking back and not being able to stop counting the blessings that God has given me in these years. I am very moved to see how from every good or bad moment, He has always brought something good. And as I look back, many, many memories of moments of laughter and enjoying the simple things in life with very dear people come to mind.

What is your prayer like these days?

It is a Magnificat prayed together with the Virgin Mary. I think it was very providential to have these last weeks of preparation in the Advent season, waiting for the birth of Jesus.

What would you like to dedicate yourself to in the future as a Consecrated Woman?

I learned a lot and enjoyed my years at Woodlands Academy in Ireland very much. I would love to be part of the life of a school and be able to be part of the families that make it up.

When I give you a word, what comes to mind first?

  • The past: moments with amazing people.
  • The present: enjoying the little things.
  • The future: get to heaven along with a lot of people.
  • Family: wanting to always have them close.
  • Lay person: apostle in the midst of the world.
  • Legionary of Christ: bridge to God.
  • Consecrated: sisters and friends.
  • Lay Consecrated Men: salesmen.
  • Final vows: Thank God!
  • Communion: A desire of the heart.
  • Mission: May Christ reign!
  • Jesus: Husband.
  • House: Tabernacle.
  • Friends: Embrace of God.
  • Ring: Fiat.
  • Work: Passion.
  • Church: House of all people.
  • Life: To be given.
  • Apostolate: I love it.
  • Spain: Passion.
  • Rest: Community.
  • A bookThe Price to Pay, by Joseph Fadelle
  • A movie: The Shack.
  • One song: We Dance, Bethel Music.
  • Your favorite color: Pink.
  • Your favorite number from the Regnum Christi Statutes: 7. We seek to give glory to God and make the Kingdom of Christ present in the hearts of all people and in society, by our sanctification in the state and condition of life to which God has called us, and by personal and communal apostolic action.
  • Your favorite number of the Constitutions of the ConsecratedWomen: 39. §1. In old age and in sickness, the Consecrated Women live their consecration and mission united to the suffering Christ, conscious of the redeeming value that suffering has for the salvation of souls. For this reason: 3° The Consecrated Women, with gratitude and charity, pay special attention to the elderly Consecrated Women who have spent their life and energy at the service of the Kingdom of Christ in the Society…
  • Your favorite saint: Saint Peter the Apostle.

Translated from the original Spanish

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