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9th Annual Women’s Encounter in Magdala, Israel: “A Revelation of Woman as a Story, a Dynamism, A Vulnerability, a Force and a Spirit”

“This Encounter has revealed woman to me as a story, a dynamism, a vulnerability, a force and a spirit,” affirms Michelle Waters of Los Angeles, USA, describing the ninth Annual Women’s Encounter in Magdala, Israel.

From March 30 to April 1, 2023, about 60 women from different parts of the world gathered in Magdala to receive formation about the feminine genius.

Kathleen Nichols organized this encounter with philosophers, educators, religious leaders, businesspeople and musicians, to celebrate the feminine identity with conferences, interchange, music and prayer in the Judeo-Christian tradition, along the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

From the Holy Land, a crossroads of cultures and religions, the Magdalena Institute seeks to be a catalyst for the dignity of women. Uniting organizations and individuals to provide healing in areas of masculinity and femininity, it offers formation on women’s anthropology and sexual differences, and it contributes to the discussion on women’s role in monotheistic religions.

The first Women’s Encounter was a one-day event organized by Jennifer Ristine in 2015. Its objective was to promote women’s dignity within an interreligious atmosphere, fostering solidarity to recognize, affirm and support their initiatives as agents of positive change in society.

As the Magdalena Institute continues to develop, it works for recognition as a platform to promote women’s dignity. Marie-Claire Pret de Sète, of France, describes the recent encounter as “a transforming experience that will nourish my work and life for years to come. The Holy Spirit was with us the whole way!” She thanked the organizers, speakers and participants for taking on difficult topics in a respectful and constructive way.

The next annual encounter will take place March 21-23, 2024, preceded by a pilgrimage beginning March 13. Information will soon be available at