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Women in Transcendence, An Apostolate for Women to Flourish and Be Transformed

Women in Transcendence is an apostolate begun by the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi for pastoral work for women. It has its headquarters in Mexico City, and it also accompanies women in other cities and even other countries. Their website is, where they offer information about a dynamic and practical certification that has four modules: The Identity and Greatness of the Woman; Feminine Communication; The Peace of the Feminine Heart; and Transcend as a Woman. It is offered both in-person and online.

Consecrated woman Martha Oseguera, who created this apostolate, considers it  important to work in this area because women rarely receive formation about their beauty or dignity; she doesn’t believe it, or doesn’t know how to live it fully. When a woman finds it, she flourishes and is transformed, thus transforming her surroundings.

For this reason, at the end of each module a spiritual retreat is offered with the theme of that module, as well as weekend retreats for healing of the heart and for prayer from the heart, so that the Holy Spirit may work deeply in each woman’s heart.

This apostolate is open to the participation of any woman, though it has a Christian focus. Most participants come to know about it through the apostolates of the Regnum Christi schools and sections, and the most incredible thing is that in their experience, it is passed on by word of mouth.

“Women in Transcendence is a program that came into my life to transform it,” affirms Maricela Covarrubias, a participant. “I arrived as a woman not knowing myself, my gifts, my qualities, or knowing the importance of loving myself. Every module had its own meaning, which together helped me know myself and grow spiritually, to have fuller relationships and experiences viewed in a new way. Knowing that I am loved by God has changed me in many aspects; I have let myself be guided by the Holy Spirit, and this has allowed me to discover myself. It has given great peace and tranquility.

“I leave with a very significant change in my life, very aware and well-equipped to keep working, and so to find my mission in life.

“Understanding my femininity and the gift of my heart has given me a profound peace that allows me to see things and situations in another way. I am always thankful for doing this workshop; it is a fundamental part of my life. Thank you for everything,” she concludes.

Martha Oseguera

Martha Oseguera has been in consecrated life for 32 years, and she lives in Mexico City. She has served in different fields, such as education, marriage ministry, personal accompaniment, and youth formation and accompaniment. She now serves women in the apostolate she founded, with the aim of accompanying them on a group and personal level in the living of their feminine identity to the full.