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A Big Surprise for the RC Youth of Guadalajara, Mexico: Time with Pope Francis Prior to WYD

On the morning of July 25th, the feast of Saint James the Apostle, Pope Francis received a group of Regnum Christi youth from Guadalajara, Mexico, at the Santa Marta house in the Vatican. The group was in Rome en route to World Youth Day in Lisbon.

The Pope listened to the thoughts, questions, and dreams of the young people and also shared his own thoughts with them in a very fraternal and familial atmosphere.

In the end, the young people prayed for the Pope and His Holiness blessed them, and with them, all the young people of Regnum Christi who will soon be at WYD in Lisbon.

Father Ignacio Bello, LC, and Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi Ceci Canovas are leading the group of RC youth who met with the Holy Father. They are accompanied by Br. Adrián Olvera, LC, and Consecrated Women Trisha McClellan and Andrea Infantozzi.

While speaking with the young people, he gave them advice such as:

In marriage, always listen to the other and always make peace before going to sleep.”

Pope Francis




In prayer, pray authentically with Jesus and according to your reality. He is present in all your circumstances.”

Pope Francis



Instead of imposing on others, listen to them more: be normal, be authentic, be patient with others and also with ourselves, with our mistakes.”

Pope Francis