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Our Commitment to Create and Promote Safe Environments

Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi are women who respond to God’s loving invitation to live the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience in the lay state. We share the same charism, spirituality and mission of the Regnum Christi Movement, and we want Christ to reign in the hearts of men, families and society. Our apostolic activity in the evangelization of minors, among others, is based on the Gospel and on a desire to cooperate with parents, who have the primary responsibility for the education, protection, and development of their children. Jesus recognized the dignity of children by assuring that ” the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these” (Mt.19,13-15).

We share the importance of caring for children, as expressed by Pope Francis in the Motu Proprio “As a loving mother”[1]:

“As a loving mother the Church loves all her children. But she cares for and protects the smallest and most defenseless with particular affection; this is a task that Christ entrusts to the entire Christian community as a whole. In awareness of this, the Church devotes vigilant attention to the protection of children and vulnerable adults.”

We are firmly committed to creating and maintaining safe environments for minors and vulnerable adults who have contact with us and who participate in our apostolic, educational and pastoral activities in the spirit with which Pope Francis has expressed himself:

“Families must know that the Church spares no effort to protect their children, and they have the right to turn to her in full confidence, because she is a safe house. (Pope Francis, Letter of February 2, 2015).


The policies and procedures so far implemented take into account the provisions given by the Holy See and the corresponding episcopal conferences, as well as the civil laws of each country. They are primarily inspired by four principles:

  1. Care for victims of abuse by welcoming, listening to, and following up with each one.
  2. The creation of safe environments.
  3. The careful selection of candidates to join the Society of Apostolic Life Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi and the formation of future and present Consecrated Women.
  4. Collaboration with civil authorities in the search for truth and justice.

All Consecrated Women of Regnum Christ in North America have completed the Protecting God’s Children Training Program offered by VIRTUS and are obliged to be up-to-date in our monthly training.  We have established codes of conduct for the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi in each country that they are committed to live. We also comply with the policies and procedures implemented in the apostolic works of Regnum Christi, the diocese and other institutions working for the protection of children and vulnerable adults. We are bound by the guidelines of the diocese and adhere to their code of conduct and safe environment training requirements.

Through the VIRTUS training and other local means, we impart training to the Consecrated Women and personnel in Regnum Christi’s educational works and pastoral activities who have contact with minors, so that we become aware of the seriousness of child abuse, can contribute to its prevention by being able to detect and avoid potentially dangerous situations, know how to recognize the signs of situations that may be happening, and respond adequately to any accusations of sexual misconduct.

We are currently in the accreditation process with Praesidium, an international organization that ensures the highest standards in abuse prevention are being upheld in an institution or ministry. This will enable us to update our current policies and procedures for creating safe environments, and receive any men or women who bring a complaint forward so we can offer adequate support and care.

If someone has been abused by a member of the Society of Apostolic Life Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi, we invite him or her to contact the competent authorities, regardless of when the events occurred. We also ask you to contact the Society’s Safe Environment Coordinator in your country so that your requests can be addressed promptly. We want to know what happened, listen to your story, and move forward on a path of healing and reconciliation, collaborating in whatever way we can. The Safe Environment Coordinator for the English speaking countries is Glory Darbellay. Please contact her at if you have a complaint or something to report.

We recognize that abuse, regardless of its nature, causes deep pain and harm to those who have suffered it, their families and also the Church. We are putting in place the means to eradicate the risks of abuse and are committed to ensuring environments where the dignity of all people is respected and promoted.

Reporting a complaint